Zoeys Knockdown Addon

An addon that i finished but had gone unreleased for about 2 weeks.

Basically, You get knocked over by antlion guards and high damage.

Simple video preview:

[release]1.1 Changes:

Stopped players getting there views locked and unable to change weapons after getting up.

Download n shit:



Code created from scratch, by me, blah blah blah, dont copy or redistribute, you know the drill.

why cant you ever just sit on 1 thing? like if your gonna make mw2 sweps do it ALL the way . and learn to work on stuff people react positive to.

Or you could get out the 12 year old gutter and stop shoving bullets up your ass because you love them so much… :v:

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This thing is pretty great actually. Does it work if you get shotgun blasted to the face, is there a damage threshold for that?

And who cares about MW2 weapons? :confused:

No one should care bout mw2 weapons anymore.

If you get over 50 DMG at a single time, you will be knocked over.

wat bout npcs do thay fall over to

This will probably get really annoying after a while, but it’s pretty impressive and would be good for some gamemodes.

Please tell me this works if you fall from a height.

Yes, it does.

i was using mw2 as a example…

and Zoey/Whizey what ever you freakin name is it seems you have a hard time accepting the truth that im right… its not a troll. ITS THE TRUTH

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Judging by this post you seem like a 12 year old who can’t afford to buy mw2 so he remakes it in garrysmod hoping Zoey will fix it.
She won’t, so stop crying.


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Why bring up the fact that Zoey likes to do multiple projects rather than just 1? You’re the one who began flaming her calling her an overweight fat man who lives in his mother’s basement.

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Although it’s to be expected, this conflicts heavily with Sharpeye, so be sure to deactivate it for major battles if you don’t want confliction issues folks.

Shut up like now. We all know he has an attitude, but going into every single on of his creations and trying to troll its face off…

Thats just retarded.

Make the player gib if he has less health than the hit damage

Zoey is a man.

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