Zoeys L4D2 Weapons 98 Fix

Holy shit a new thread so people know that its been updated.


Heres your update.

Yes you still need gm_mount2, so go get it and read the mount2 instructions on how to get it working, yatta yatta yatta…

But be warned, i only fixed the arms not showing, im not even going to TRY and improve the performance.



Models by valve, Code by me, blah blah blah dont steal dont redistrubute you get the picture, im tired.


My bet is within a week, the arms code will be stolen for tf2 unlockables and shitty remakes of l4d2 sweps…

Why a new thread?

Because about 90% of the people would probly go hurahruahrudhfnjghg i dont know when other thread was updated, it no tell me bout op edit! derp derp 12 year old brain.

Im SUPER tired right now, sorry…

Can you stop telling us you’re tired? We already know.

Getting out the point is all, yawwwwwwn :v:

Oh hey, post dates

That was nice! :v:

Sorry for the bump. I figured it would be a good time to post this because “The Sacrifice” is released just yesterday, better now or never. Any plans this will be updated so it can officially use the original survivors hands and their voices?

i was wondering about that too

I read Weapons 98 as Windows 98

We know you’re a man.

Who cares?