Zoeys L4D2 Weapons

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Heres your update.

But be warned, i only fixed the arms not showing, im not even going to TRY and improve the performance.



Models by valve, Code by me, blah blah blah dont steal dont redistrubute you get the picture, im tired.



Wait a minute…
GM_mount? Thats bad ,it conflicts with my addons

No, GM_Mount 2

Not 1, 2.

I dont see why it could conflict with your addons, it seems perfectly fine with me ^^

It conflicts with neuroplanes (both of them) Кстати ты русская?)))

Awesome work as always.

Авось… sniff… авось

Ну нихуя себе, охеренный пак, спасибо, а в этих СВЕПах есть функция удара прикладом? Жёстко ты поимела того копипастера.

Russian takes this tread . Великий могучий русский язык !!!

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De-rail imminent! Back on track! Back on track!!

PS: Im going to have to report that as spam, or you can take it down, Thanks

what the hell is going on in here

anyway excellent work man

Super Awesome! I didn’t test the swep yet but should work perfect i guess.
For people that didn’t know about gm_mount2 is here http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=896910

  1. when you shot one combine and i am testing in singleplayer.
    ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘HUDPaint’ Failed: includes/modules/killicon.lua:70: bad argument #1 to ‘GetTextSize’ (string expected, got nil)
  2. TMP doesn’t have sound
  3. Desert Eagle doesn’t have sound
  4. GS:G31 doesn’t have sound
  5. Golf Club missing model

These need hexed world models, badly. Now, I have to find all that crap :psyduck:

Edit: What I meant to say: Needs the resources badly. I can’t buy l4d2 because it’s too much money :suicide:

It’s not on Gmod.org anymore?

You lost.

Take it easy resources are in others pack’s of sweps.

You didn’t noticed there was a new update? Check now on Garrysmod and forget the last link

The sounds i use are mounted from l4d2, most of them are hit sounds for melee, and firing sounds. The other i had to compile into 1 sound file for realoads.

Well, if it conflicts and nobody tells me or the neuroplanes developer, nobody is going to fix the actual problem.

  1. Not on my side
  2. Mount l4d2
  3. Mount l4d2
  4. Mount l4d2
    4.2?. … Mount l4d2 + Update it

well, I’m guessing hexing and putting all the l4d2 weapons into a pack would be illegal? or is it fine?