Zoeys Powers Addon

Theres a description at the download and pictures.

[release]SVN Repository: http://gmodzoey.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/powersaddon/Powers%20Addon <-- Click this, then copy the address bar in the browser for the link.

Create a folder in your addons folder called Powers Addon, Checkout using this link.
I hope you enjoy it :stuck_out_tongue:

Just put ADDONS into garrysmod/garrysmod


1.62 Changes:

Info: Play with bugs if you want, Im not forcing you to download this, I cannot get an svn, If you comment in this saying getting an svn, then your wasting your time...

/\ Fixed drain level 3 never draining defence type powers

/\ Fixed evade and shield damage vars

/\ Fixed damage vars error

/\ Fixed cloak not sometimes disabling when you fire

/\ Fixed Summons hating players even though they died "When a player dies via your summon it will no longer hate him"

/\ Fixed shield being rather dodgy on drain

/\ Fixed some level checks in damage var

/\ Fixed + Health levels not loading on spawn but instead using it as a drain level

+ Stable Version

1.61 Changes:

Info: Sorry for the reupload i had to fix some bugs that i never noticed

+ Implosion support for striders

/\ Fixed support Effectivness not leveling up properly

/\ Fixed some entitys not flying properly

+ Added Health Up upgrade

1.6 Changes:

Info: Huge ass update with a bunch of changes, You cant blame me for waiting a WHOLE DAY! :O

+ Upgrade menu on 0 Key when in powers main

+ Ability to increase energy pools with upgrade points

+ Exp System

+ Power Points "NO SLIDE SHOWZ!!" and Leveling up

+ Hl2 Start Up Music when leveling up

/\ Fixed some implosion bugs on gman and some other npcs

/\ Changed how much damage your summon does compared to your defence effectiveness level

/\ Changed how entitys work to be stronger/compatible with the new upgrade system

/\ Changed the way entitys fly
The Upgrade Menu:

Basically there is 7 skills to choose from "Refer to screen shot 3"

When you pick a skill it will take you to another page, where it explains what the skill does, You can then buy it for its cost or cancel.
The Upgrades:

Increase TYPE Energy
Cost: 1
Maximum Level: 5
Purpose: Increases your "TYPE" energy pool so you can cast more of those spells without needing to recharge
Increase TYPE Effect
Cost: 2
Maxmum Level: 3
Purpose: Increases your "TYPE" efficiency letting you regen faster and have the abilitys be more powerfull
Decrease Power Drain
Cost: 4
Maximum Level: 3
Purpose: Decreases the amount of energy you use with passive powers

1.5 Changes:

Info: Most stable release, Will not upload any new versions unless i get new ideas or if theres SERIOUS bugs.

+ Immunity to gender remarks for me to make sandwiches just because im female, Ok now seriouslly
+ Made a new implosion effect where it ACTUALLY looks like they implode

/\ Fixed up the summons health a little

/\ Made summons do 2.2X dmg instead of 1.7X dmg

+ Added a new Cloak ability.

Cloaking will stop enemys hurting/targeting you

Cloaking DOES NOT stop players seeing your name if they look over you, This is due to garry not giving us full control over the default TARGETID Hook

+ Added a new little crosshair for when your in the menu that hides the default one while its open

+ Added 5 new convars for a little client side customization

powers_cross_red AMOUNT -- How red the powers crosshair is
powers_cross_green AMOUNT -- How green the powers crosshair is
powers_cross_blue AMOUNT -- How blue the powers crosshair is
powers_cross_alpha AMOUNT -- How transparent the powers crosshair is
powers_teleport_fadeoutamount AMOUNT -- How fast the teleports white flash will fade out

1.411 Changes:

/\ Fixed teleporting text not showing up if you didnt have enough power

/\ Fixed summon text being white even if you where out of power

/\ Fixed the full power text's being white even if one of your powers was below max

+ New color elements to teleport text

Red -- Not enough power

Yellow -- Going to teleport forward 775 Units

Green -- Going to teleport where your looking/to the wall/floor

Purple -- Going to attempt to teleport through what your looking at

1.41 Changes:

+ New menu mechanics.

Instant hit spells will turn orange if they cannot hit what your looking at and green to say they can.

If you dont have enough magic of the specific type, Spells that you dont have enough magic for will turn red in the menu.

/\ Fixed teleporting down moving your backwards

+ Changed the Set Target summon command to make it hate whatever you choose.

The Set Target text will turn brown to indicate it will hate this and attack it.

If the Set Target text is green it will indicate your summon will like this character again.

You can make it attack your friends, But make sure to tell it to stop sooner or later :P

1.401 Changes:

/\ Fixed a death glitch

1.4 Changes:

+ Added a new entity, Magic Kettle "I ran out of ideas...." -- Whoever uses it gets unlimited magic until they die "Admin only"

+ Added a 0.15 Second warm up to the teleport

+ Added a new White Flash effect to the teleport

/\ Changed teleport effects to used via usermessages!

+ Added 5 New Defence Powers

Evade -- Evade Bullets and projectiles

Summon -- Summons a friendly antlion to aid you in your battle

Call Summon -- "Requires Summon/Will Be Red If Invalid" Call your summon to your side

Send Summon -- "Requires Summon/Will Be Red If Invalid" Send your summon to where your pointing

Set Target -- "Requires Summon/Will Be Red If Invalid" Set your summons target

+ Added 2 New Support Powers

Heal Summon -- "Requires Summon/Will Be Red If Invalid" Heal your summon back to full health, at the cost of 15 HP from yourself.

Sacrifice Summon -- "Requires Summon/Will Be Red If Invalid" Sacrifice your summon and get all of its remaining health to you.

/\ Decreased Shield Drain Time
/\ Increased Drain Amount From Reppeling objects with the shield

1.31 Changes:

+ Added a new entity, The Obelisk -- Whoever touches this will have there poweres regenerated to maximum.

/\ Made teleporting through walls a bit more reliable.

/\ Added 50 units extra to wall teleporting. "Lets you teleport through thicker walls"

/\ Added 150 units extra to teleporting.

+ Added 1 new Misc power

Air Walk -- Allows you to walk on air/fly

+ Added 2 new Attack powers

Magic arrow -- A simple little ball that deals damage.

Drain -- Drains energy from enemys and gives it to you.

1.3 Changes:

Updated the description powers.

Added 1 New defence power

Area Fire -- Enemys around you take fire damage and get set on fire

Added 3 New normal powers

Teleport -- Allows you to teleport where your pointing or to a certain destination, Teleport at a wall when close to teleport through it!

Power Pillar -- Set up a pillar filled with all your energy to regenerate players near the pillar
Explosion -- Let off a small explosion around you damaging all enemys near you

Added 1 New attack power

Implode -- Have it hit your enemy and wait a couple seconds, they will soon explode.

1.2 Changes:

Added 2 new support powers
Heal Area
Armor Other

Added 1 new defence power
Fire Trap

Added 2 new attack powers

Swapped out the menu for a menu where you can choose wich type of magic you want to use.

Made the laser able to fire at longer distances

Changed the way Damage Types are used

1.1 Changes:

Fixed some errors on the shield


Download 1.62:


PS: Rate me dumb, Thats what all the cool trolls are doing nowadays.

This be some epic shit you got there.

File not found.

This is a pretty awesome addon. You should try spanning this out by having more abilities.

Wizey you always make the most random, but yet the coolest stuff.

Good work.

I ran out of ideas… :derp:


Updated :v:

I tried it out and I think it’s great… except me and my friend noticed that we can’t use ion cannon or fire… Dunno if that’s just us or if that is a glitch. But anyways it seems great, you could make a great gamemode outta it!

please try to make time frezze and speed up powers

Well, I have a few ideas.

For Defense:

A Stasis Trap
Much like the fire trap, it could freeze the enemies instead of, um, blowing them up.

For Support:

A Barricade
It brings up a timed barricade to slow enemies down.

For Attack:

A Flechette Shotgun
Seeing as how it already needs Episode 2, you could add a Flechette Shotgun of sorts.

hey! These are powers not shotguns and props!


Oh by the way, I would suggest teleporting through walls, Its pretty fun :3

You could do earth powers like make rocks spike up from the ground.

I don’t seem to understand what you are talking about.

Are you saying that my powers are mostly prop-based?

The barricade could always be made of rocks.

And the flechette shotgun could always be changed to a INSERT GENERIC SUPER-POWER HERE instead of something which I have never seen on garrysmod.org.

I see your point, the barricade would remind me of the old rock mage power as well, just a bit more defensive.

I think the barricade sounds like a pretty decent idea.

Try using spells and superpowers from both WoW and City of Heroes/Villains

From WoW you could have things like:
Totems (To buff, weaken, slow, damage)
AoE (Area of effect) spells
More DoTs (Damage over time)

Here’s a list of spells and shit for WoW classes (More extensive lists if you click the abilities under the classes

(Try some Diablo 2 style spells as well)

From CoH/CoV you could have:
Brute abilities I.E: Super heavy punches within a close range (Using Dark powers, fire, ice, electricity, etc to do damage)
Blaster abilities: Fire a rapid succession of fireballs. Bolts of energy. Nuclear powers to blast and infect with radiation, or dark energy to suck the life from the victim.
Stalker abilities: Cloak and do massive damage upon first strike.

Here’s a good list of powers and abilities from CoH/CoV:
http://cohvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Archetypes.List&category_select_id=14 [Archtypes]
http://cohvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Powers.List [Powers]
http://cohvault.ign.com/View.php?view=PowerPool.List [Power pools]
http://cohvault.ign.com/View.php?view=ArchetypesCoV.List [Archtypes]
http://cohvault.ign.com/View.php?view=PowersCoV.List [Powers]

The PowersMenu command does not work, are you sure that’s the right command? (I installed it correctly, it shos the attack, support and defence thing at the top left)

To fx it, go to the folder of the addon and copy all of its content (except the info.txt), to garrysmod/garrysmod (not addons).

Or yall could put addons into garrysmod/garrysmod NOT garrysmod/garrysmod/addons…

Seriouslly, Who puts an addons folder INTO ADDONS!

Btw… Update

A epic addon, I enjoyed testing it with you :slight_smile:

For some reason the revive does not work for me, do you know why? If I am aiming at a dead npc, friend or foe, i press the button and it doesn’t seem to do anything. What is it supposed to do, bring them back to life?