Zoey's Revenge


In response to headshotter thread:black101: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=907570

They left her for dead, but she survived. After one year of planning and recovery she has her gruesome revenge.

pictueerr dun work

Zoey is a pirate!

Filemelt is playing silly bugger again. Changed hosting site. Should work now.

Zoey Plissken?


Reminds me of Kill Bill.
I never knew Nick was that good at sword swallowing.

Well he is now:biggrin:

got like a pop can on the bottom of that pistol encase she gets thirsty while killing people, happens to me too

That would be a flash light you see. Although the idea of a gun pop can does sound appealing.

Oh god, I reformatted my PC and now I don’t think I can ever release my bloody L4D1 weapons phong fix. You know, a fix that doesn’t actually remove phong completely like everyone else does?

Oh dear… we’re gonna need a lot of Tylenol…

Why is that Butthurter?


But the dead are in no need of pain killers.

Where’s Louis???

Well it appears that Nick is trying his best at sword swallowing… eh…

Ask Dems when he gets on.

To graphic to show.

Louis isn’t part of the three. See the ref thread in op.

Check the right of the picture of the ref thread…

No, it’s the cartoony facepose that makes it so he can’t be taken seriously.