Zoey's "tied up" Nightmare involving Ellis






Rate dumb if you love your dear Zoey so much because you cannot get that close to a girl IRL. :smug:

Pretty cool, actually. Although I can’t take Ellis’s expression on image 2, 3 or 4 seriously.

Maybe she is dreaming, maybe she took too much pills, maybe Ellis went insane?

Who knows?

Turn up AA in first 2 pictures…other then that not bad.

I actually did have AA up all the way, my hardware must be having a malfunction…






Phew, I feared this thread was going to be another one of Butthurter’s horrible rape scenarios.

Replace the knife with a dildo and it will.

Man zoeys got balls not even squinting when the knife is coming towards her.

Nice job

Actually, she is squinting, the colormod and the DOF makes it look otherwise.

Reminds me of butthurter terrible rape comics and pictures. But nonetheless,Its still good. At least yours isn’t like his. And turn up your graphics a bit higher on the first 2 pictures cause i still can see jagged lines on them. Or maybe its your jpeg quality wasn’t set to 100.

I had my graphics as high as they could go, and my jpeg quality was set to 100, I was thinking my hardware was malfunctioning.

Faceposing on Ellis looks very off. Ruins everything.

At least there’s no rape involve huh?
Anyway I like it somehow…

We need a closeup of Ellis’s rape face. :ohdear: