Zoeys Vitality Mod



This is basically like bleeding out, But its been revamped.


If you have no vitality, and your HP is below 3/4ths of your max, You will start to bleed.

Use the bind VitalityMenu to apply bandages and painkillers when you need them.

Painkillers can be applyed ANYTIME for a +30 Hp bonus, If applyed when bleeding out, you wont be slowed down by bleeding and will give a +50 Vitality bonus.

Bandages can only be applyed when bleeding out, It will stop bleeding INSTANTLY and will give you a +50 Vitality Bonus.

Bandages and painkillers will recharge overtime, But can be disabled at anytime by server admins to increase difficulty.

Vitality will regen at a normal pace after NOT taking damage for a while.

Convars SV:

Vitality_Enabled 0-1 – Should the vitality addon be enabled?
Vitality_Bandages 0-1 – Should bandages be allowed?
Vitality_Pills 0-1 – Should pills be allowed?

Convars CL:

Vitality_BarX NUM – Push the vitality hud Left/Right
Vitality_BarY NUM – Push the vitality hud Up/Down

Commands For Admins:

VitalityEnabled 0-1 – Change the convar Vitality_Enabled to what you specified
VitalityBandages 0-1 – Change the convar Vitality_Bandages to what you specified
VitalityEnabled 0-1 – Change the convar Vitality_Pills to what you specified

Commands For Clients:

VitalityMenu – Toggle the menu for using bandages and pills.

Theres some screenshots at the download.

Sorry for not being more formal, I just want to give the details and let you be on your way, Dont want to hold you up y'know

Sweet, this makes it very realistic.

Awesome, i always loved bleeding out, and this sounds even better.

Another great mod from you Zoey, well done.

Thanks for the feedback, This was actually made about 2 weeks ago, but i never released it since i didnt know how people would react to it seeing as its not really a “SUPER MOD” like everything else.

Nice work

Well none of your mods are super mods. They are all kind of small, but when they add up…


Epic as always :3:

Not another bleeding out. That was annoying, that extreme blur and red…

No blur here.

I may just be a Super Derp, But… Where’s the Download? :S

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