Zoeys Weight Mod

I remeber back when synergy had something like this.

I decided to recreate it, As best i could i guess… So here it is.

If your over the weight amount you will move slowely.

Almost every swep in existance, the SWEP.Weight var is defaultly 5, So getting a swep will most likely increase your weight by 5.

For Developers who want to make there sweps compatible with this mode, Just change SWEP.Weight to your liking, Just make sure the big guns are heavy :stuck_out_tongue:

Concommands for admins/server owners:

weight_enabled 0 or 1 – Should the weight mod be enabled?
weight_max AMOUNT – Sets how much players can carry

Changing the slow down multiplyer…

Line 221 in weight_sv.lua

the end number v.WeaponSpeed = 1 - (v.WeaponWeight - v.MaxWeight)*HERE

Lower this value to make it so weight effects your speed LESS.

MaxWeight is 40, Weight Carried is 100, Our value is 0.02, We cannot move…

MaxWeight is 40, Weight carried is 100, out value is 0.0075, We can only move slowely…

See the diffrence?


Current Version 0.3

0.3 Changes:

No longer will you stop moving after hitting the weight limit, But you will gradually move slower the more weight you have AFTER the limit.

Fixed non clip weapons that where dropped to bring the clip size to your ammo count EG: Rpg and grenades

Added a new concommand forcedropweapon wich allows you to drop any weapon by its class name, Used for when you cannot select a weapon thats out of ammo.

Added ShowSpare2/F4 to make you drop your weapon.

And thats about it. Have fun :3

Pictures at download as usual.

Download 0.3:


Lookin’ good, I can imagine some roleplaying servers using this in the near future :slight_smile:

Thank you ^^


Hmm, maybe you could make it slow you down dynamicly based on how far over you are? Zombie Panic does something similar.

You could also check to see if the v_model is an RPG or something big, and apply extra weight to it if the value isn’t already defined.

Already does.

I haven’t downloaded it, so I wouldn’t know, but if there isn’t an option to turn it off for a certain group of people, E.G. admins

Nope. I would have to make some arguments for it or something.

I’m noticing there’s a dropped weapon entity. Does this mean you can drop weapons with this mod? If so, how’s it work?

Good to see you’re not using NWVars or ripped code. Even though the code is still unreadable by the almost total lack of indenting.

As for the addon, it’s good I guess, does what it is intended to do.

If the swep has a world model, Then it will work.

Thanks, I dont use indentation since i can read it better without. IM FUCKING WIERD! :v:

Did you really download the mod just to review it’s code? xD

Sounds like a cool mod. Like the other guy said, it’d be even better if speed scaled based on weight, rather than just having a weight limit. Would have a nice feel to it.

Ignore this post, it was an accident post before.

Hurray for accidental posts.
Anyway, this addon reminds me of DnD, where you get slower the more shit you carry around, nice work, good addon, especially usefull for “realistic” deathmatch server and roleplaying server’s.
One question, does the default weapons (Physics gun/Gravity gun/Toolgun/Caremra)add to your weight?
And is there a way to see how much weight you are carrying?
And maybe let us bind our own key to drop weapons instead of it being on showspare, especially since some gamemodes use that key for something else.

You can see how much weight your carrying at the top right of your screen…

Phys gun, ggun tool gun AND camera do NOT add to your weight, since there NEEDED/TOOLS

On the other hand, Gamemodes will OVER RIDE that function when the gamemode starts so… If your in a custom gamemode with the mod you will have to either hold walk and press suit zoom, or bind a key to Dropweapon

Neat, you just know how to do everything right.

Thank you :3

Great Mod, but I suggest you can add:


to each of the weapon drop functions,
as I’ve said, just a suggestion.

Excuse me?

I dont see a need in that.