just a little something i cut together cause let’s face it: Ellis and Zoey make a cute couple lol. Didn’t want it to be another lovey-dovey pic like all that i see on Deviant Art, but something more serious than that, something that shows Ellis really loves her, and is willing to kill to protect her.

NOTE: no photoshop, all within GMod

good work, man. Could probably use a little depth of field to blur the background and maybe even the end of the gun, but the posing makes it pretty good nonetheless. :buddy:

That background is terrible and I never realized how low resolution his thumb and index fingers look.

It could also use some more blur or bloom. Something to make it less bland.

Pretty good, but compared to his head, something seems kind of…off, with Ellis’ neck. Also, DoF is a must.

What does Zoey times Ellis equal?


Straight from Enhanced_AI:

More from Enhanced_AI:

As for my thoughts, posing is ok, needs DoF and could use some editing.