Remade OP

Current Version = 1.9.6 BETA

Hi, I just resumed coding this xD, I am about 50-66% done to releasing the first version to the public

-Hoard survival type gameplay
-Survivors can upgrade weapons through npc shop(and find some weapons/ammo around the map), Zombies can change their class through NPC shop(right now there are only 2 classes, the classic zombie and the banshee)
-Survivors can scavenge weapons and ammo from their fallen comrades
-Quality melee sweps, not those ones that use ShootBullet() or whatever it is that misses when it should hit
-Unreal Tournament Headshot/double kill/unstoppable etc sounds, you jelly haters?
-Serverside ragdolls, smack around dead corpses :smiley:
-Anti team kill script, the player loses points and after 3 kills players can vote to kick the tker
-Some of Zoey’s scripts such as dodging(double click directional keys to leap in a direction) and drown script(you drown after some time under water)

-Migrate zoey’s looking around corners into gamemode
-Moar sweps
-Make a weapon/ammo drop menu
-Add cookies for age, name and stuff like that, gmod wiki = http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Cookie, don’t allow kids under 14 use the mic
-Add the rest of the Unreal tournament sounds such as double kill, unstoppable, and a cheering sound when survivors win a round, and zombie sounds when zombies win
-Allow survivors and zombies to specialize into different survivor or zombie classes, such as, but not limited to: builder or gunsmith for survivors, and ghost zombie and smoker for zombie team
-Make a custom scoreboard with information on whos alive, whos dead, ON THEIR TEAM ONLY, spectators may see both teams
-Make it so people can switch teams, although not in the same round, people can spectate at any time, but cannot chat or speak to non-spectators. Also make “Status”, an idea off the top of my head is that if you haven’t seen that
survivor in the past 5 minutes, then he is MIA(missing in action)
-Make maps
-Make chat notifications like in darkrp to say things like “press f1 to view the motd and information on how to play the game”, and according to the class, it’s help menu will show up, which shows weapon instructions,
game objectives for the specific class, the motd, rules, and everything else, and a message under that message that says “press f2 to view character info”, according to the player’s class, it will show player stats (upgradeable), their
inventory, reputation on the server (according to kicks, temporary bans, permanent bans, lifted permanent or temporary bans, reports, team kills as negative, and more if I didn’t think of all of them, and kills on the other team,
quality of inventory, time played, reported mingebags (if they are actually mingebags it will count, until an admin reviews it then there will be no change to reputation, repeated false “prank reports” will result in a decrease of
reputation and possibly a temp/permanent ban depending on the intensity. Same with reporting gamemode bugs.
-Make survivor and zombie npcs, some that attack zombies and follow you in your mission, same for zombies, but vice versa, (quantity depends on quantity on the other team) and some npcs sell things to survivors (guns, ammo) and
train them (strength, run speed, etc)
-Make the guns have a “sound radius” that will attract zombies, silencers shorten the radius
-Make “Zombie Vision” pretty much the zombie equivalent of night vision, originally from Zombie Panic
Pics will be released soon :slight_smile:

looks like another twelve year old attempting to make a gamemode

SWEP creation is really easy, why would you possibly need anyone to do it

You’re going to get no help at all if you act like that. We need information before we commit to helping you, and quite frankly you’re acting like a smug twat.

What kind of gamemode will it be? “Zombehs” doesn’t really give any information. It could be a Hoard deal, like Nazi Zombies, or it could be more of a PvP gamemode, like L4D. Are you actually going to be doing any coding, and if so how much experience do you have? Idea’s guy’s don’t get very far.

My suggestion would be to re-write the thread, put some more effort into it - make it actually seem like you care, give a little more information, and get some code done so you have something to show.

Don’t take this as me bashing you, it’s just hard advice.

I agree with MGinshie. Tell us more about the gamemode please.

Any aspiring coder (or any other developer)/idea’s guy I want to you read this response and take it in conscientiously.

No mapper, coder, modeler, texture artist, or anyone that has skill will ever want to help you out with a gamemode if you meet any of the following:

  • Use the phrase “We need mappers, modelers, and coders.”
  • Possess no skill of your own
  • Can not structure a thread
  • Under sixteen years of age
  • Can not organize ideas
  • Use lol in your OP

If you have an idea and have no developmental skills, create an organized gamemode design document and pitch it to Facepunch in a mature manner, don’t create a thread in five minutes and expect developers to be jumping to help you.

There are far too many of these threads that always end up turning into shit, because the OP is shit (big surprise).

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One other thing, the whole “I’m not posting progress because you’ll steal it” is by far the most asinine thing to ever surface Facepunch. You must be a complete fucking idiot if you think posting WIP screenshots of your gamemode/map/model will put you at risk of theft. Get over yourself you fucking fuckholes.

i mad.

The reason I didn’t put much is cause I don’t want people stealing my ideas before I release it, I promise i’ll make a good thread when I’m done coding it

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Ok fine xD I’ll post stuff

Now you’re learning.

? I don’t get it

EDIT: Instead of rating me dumb explain

Instead of saying you don’t get it explain what you’re not getting. Also what is going to be unique about this it just sounds like zs with player classes which doesn’t need its own game mode. You could just try making a mod of zs first so that most of the coding is done for you. If you really want to have support for your game mode redo your OP to be more organized and honestly no ones going to steal your ideas(sounds more like an excuse to not post anything)

This was already said… and I put my ideas and completed work up

And if you read its gonna be much better than zs

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They’re easy to make, but hard to make good ones

I’ll remake OP when I actually have real stuff to show, everything is shitty beta right now lol

I still fail to see a real difference from zs.

zs doesn’t have npc shops or npcs to help you in battle, zs doesn’t have sounds that play on headshot and teamkilling, zs doesn’t have a scavenging system, im pretty sure zombies dont have “zombie vision” aka night vision, 13 year olds can mic chat on zs… read the op for features

The gameplay will be similar to zs, but will be way more feature rich, like I said, there will be pictures and videos when I’m satisfied with development of the gamemode, I’d say I’m about 25% there

Yeah, they do.

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Also, post pics.

I’m not repeating this anymore, after this I will consider it as spam and will ignore the whole post. Thanks for pointing out zs had zombie vision, I only played it like 3 times, once by myself to see some features(must of missed the zombie vision) and like 2 times on the noxious net server, and it was very overwhelming, and not very welcoming to new players, which is one of the reasons I am making this.

Change the gamemode name. You say all the good names are taken , that’s obviously false. Here are some names : world war Z , zombie horde , zombie invasion , blood day , zombie war , zombie outbreak , outbreak . I’m pretty sure they all beat zombehs…

Personally I’m developing a zombie gamemode called Deadbox (name comes from a mix between zombies and sandbox), for example.

Thank you darren, I’ll use Zombie Outbreak

bump, remade op with new content

That’s not really classified as content.
We want actual content, as in pictures. Do you know what pictures are?

Here’s a tip:
Don’t bump again until you have actual content.