Zombie AI help

I got this idea for a cool zombie mod but i cant quite get it right. im trying to set up some sort of zombie spawn that spawns a zombie which runs(walks in the case of zombies) to a place where you are defending. problem is that the AI doesn’t recognize players that far. so when i try to build a gradual zombie spawn that doesn’t look bad with zombies spawning in front of you but from far away, i cant figure out how to do it. Ive tried adv duping a zombie told to go to a certain point but that doesn’t work. need help.

Also, it would be cool if someone knew how to have the zombies attack a object in their way like a breakable barricade or something. Im assuming that is almost impossible though.

i am familiar with wire and the basics of the game just so you know. Don’t know much about E2.

The zombies already attack/throw objects in their way. There’s also a NPC spawn platform you can download.

The npc spawn platform is buggy.

Zombies will not destroy breakable barricades and the like unless you script them to, either in Hammer or in Lua. In Half-Life 2 it was normally the zombie scripted to play its attack animation and the targeted object then scripted to break once the zombie was done.

thanks for nfo. i dont think zombies actually break objects in the way :P. As for scripting im pretty new to that. anyway my fan broke in the only computer that runs gmod so cant do much now…

There is a tool that comes with the NPC Command pack

It lets you spawn all of the HL2 NPC’S with the tool gun

I personally think its easier to use.