Zombie animations bugs..

Hello, basically, we have a serious roleplay server on the base of CombineControl which is heavily modified.

We have a zombie faction and when we’re getting into the flag it’s not working properly, like… he’s moving on sideways. the zombie model thing worked good and worked properly like zombies should walk a few months ago, we figured out maybe it’s because of an addon conflicting it, or something regarding to it, so we put a backup on our development server, reinstalled the server, putting the CombineControl Vanilla, uninstalling our plugins that we made, and did everything we could but it the problem appears to be on GMod’s side and not ours(most likely)

Here is a short video regarding the problem.


In 00:00 I’ve set my model to the normal original hl2 zombie model (zombie_classic)

And in 0:28 I’ve set an edited zombie model but attack animations aren’t working.

Any help?

It looks like your gamemode is using custom player animation code. The errors might be stemming from improper ACT enums for the model or incorrect pose parameters. Some code would be useful.

The thing is, we are only putting the model without any animation code. this problem started to occur in these 1-2 months.

There must be custom animation code to get the zombie walking/attacking working

It’s a bug in the animations, but it’s not regarding our gamemode or addons that’s the thing.

Then I’m afraid we can’t help

It’s not a bug in animations at all, otherwise normal zombies wouldn’t play at all…Don’t blame the game if your code is garbage and workarounds on everything


It hasn’t been fixed.