Zombie anims

sorry if this is in the wrong setion but it’s closest as i could find to what i need, anyway getting straight to the point i have the Model manipulator in garrys mod and i like changing the zombies model into a citizen or something else but problem is, they just stand there like idiots and not do anything because the model doesn’t come with zombie anims. so i was wondering if someone could make a file or script or SOMETHING
that would give most of the half life 2 characters zombie animations as well as there own. any takers?

You’d have to re-rig any character you want to the zombie animations which might take quite awhile.

I believe there’s citizen zombies in here, though:

oh well that sucks, i ain’t no good at coding. maybe i can find someone who’ll do it for me

It’s not about coding really. You’d have to decompile each model and then re-rig them to the zombie skeleton which takes some time.