Zombie Apocalypse:Another Zombie Gamemode!

im also working on gcampaign but while our mappers do some maps for it i would like to do someting while

Zombie Apocalypse is a open world sandbox, rpg and survival Gamemode
The player takes place months after the zombie infection it has take the hole world and his only objective is

Thats the main role of zombie apocalypse instead of random zombie killing
this focus more on surviving Building all your stuff such as Weapons,Ammo etc
Will also taking some RPG Elements such as Quests and Level up System

So the player can freely go and explore the whole map find loot scavenge dead enemy corposes do quests to get money and buy stuff Or just enjoy leveling up and killing zombies

Loot System:The player can search loot on anything! he can kill a enemy and search ammo on his body to ressuply
Or search on trashcans any sort of stuff

Level Up System:The player can level up to get better gear New abilities and be a bit more stronger to survive the zombie apocalypse

Craft System:The player can craft all sort of items! going from Weapons to even wood walls and ammo but the needed materials wont be easy to find tough

Quests:The player can take a mision from NPCS to get prizes and money to be later spent on items

Tradeable Items Between players

Player Houses:If the player has enough materials he can build a whole house blueprint! and eventually build his own house where he can store his weapons equipment and have his own safe zone

PawnShop:So yeah the player can even go to one of the safe zones and buy equipment materials and weapons from a NPC



Some EXP and level up player stuff

Credits:MerzBro For letting me use the Loot and Quest code for this gamemode
Also i know there are a lot of similar content between radioactive sandbox and this but as i sayd on the tread all the content watched is only placeholder and will be redone once i got the time

PD: i alredy know that some stuff looks like radioactive sandbox but i swear all will be redone Soon so just wait

And if I’m right, the level system there is the one Entoros made?

And you didn’t give him credit for it?

Nope i writed myself the whole code

Except a little piece of the hud so basicly i only taked the hud design as placeholder but in the code everything is maded from scratch by me

Why take a level system that already contains the hud and level system, and only take the level system’s hud but not the level system and state that the coded the level system by yourself, when you could have used the level system that came with the hud that looks exactly like yours?

PlaceHOLDER! and i had to use another code becouse the garrysmod.org link gived exp to the player ONCE he hit a npc so eveyr shoot he get exp mine gives exp once the npc is killed and i implemented SkillPoints on it so the hud is PLACE HOLDER IT WILL BE CHANGED!

This seems cool, but you need someone to check your grammar before you post… Jesus christ… so much errors… it hurts my brain.

Other than that, this seems like a pretty neat gamemode.

spanish is my native lenguage so expect a lot of grammar errors from me

Pointshop… why…

Hmm seems alot like this: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1069920-ToxSin-quot-A-Happy-Customer-Is-A-Dead-One-quot
Both using Radbox as a base.
Now your using pointshop and calling it PawnShop? Without giving Undefined any credits :confused:
And using that XP without giving Entoros credits?

Oh “Credits:MerzBro For letting me use the Loot and Quest code for this gamemode”.
What are you going to make?

about pointshop it isnt going to be used on the gamemode at all and Second the freaking xp thing code is maded by me the HUD thing is just a placeholder becouse i needed to test if the code that i was using worked well on a HUD so once the gamemode is done it isnt going t be there anymore and i alredy sayd that i know it looks like radioactive sandbox but i alredy writted that all the content will be redone and the loot and quest code is pretty much what it says i asked him if i could use the looteable objects and quest code for the gamemde and he sayd go ahead so after i go to my grandmother funeral ill fix the whole post

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PD: i was using the pointshop on oter things that arent related to the gamemode badly becouse i was lazy when i taked the screenshots i forgot to get it out of my addons folder

They all look the same. Zombified World , radbox and now this…

Level up , kill zombies , level up , kill zombies , craft , kill zombies , money , level up , buy ,

OP is dumb.

Okay since when you can craft stuff on a zombie gamemode?

You obviously haven’t played any other zombie gamemodes other than Jetboom’s then…

Also, don’t have huge pictures in op that take 20 seconds to load with my 14 mbps download speed, amd phenom ii x4 965 3.4 ghz quad core, and 2x ATI Radeon HD 5870s

Takes 2 seconds on my crappy laptop.

its not my fault that your pc is too slow to load a picture

can it run tetris :D?

Look up the parts I listed and you’ll see it’s beast, most websites, like facepunch, have a download cap, so you don’t crash the server xD, which is why it takes so long, (also other users download stuff as well) but don’t put huge pictures

Lol off topic?

[media] [/media’] could been used.

For the love of god werewolf, this has been going in the same direction forever, just copying other people’s addons.