Zombie Apocalypse: Source needs mappers!

I am head level designer for Lone Walrus Development’s latest project; Zombie Apocalypse: Source.

This mod will have huge emphasis on level design, simply because 10 large maps must be created for the mod to be completed. I understand I am not the most skilled mapper on this section, and that most of you (Oskutin, McHaddock) have no interest in joining a mod team. However I am sure there are many out there with a severe case of mapper’s block.

What kind of maps will this mod have?

Each map will be based on regions, which are as follows: City, airport, Mountains, Suburbs, Forest, Village, Refinery, Swamp, Seaside, and Island. You will be able to choose which map you would like to work on.

What will the mod be like?

Another zombie mod, but with less emphasis on shooting everything in sight and more on resource/inventory management and survival skills.

What specifications/entities are needed for each map? What level of detail must be included?

A tech test has been made by me, with all entities set up and ready to go, so that you just have to copy-paste them in. The level of detail must be high, and for the large maps needed, it can be understood that this would be quite tedious and time consuming. So that’s why you have an unlimited time limit, and free choice over what map you choose to work on.

If you are interested, PM me on Facepunch or on Steam (Biggles.vmf) for more information.

Background map for the mod:

I know this is in mapping, but don’t you think you could either get better models for that menu, or at least turn up the settings? It’s a decent background layout, I guess, but those textures and models… eugh.

Our modeler went ape and quit, so we’re using low-poly HL2 models for now.


Our team leader said that there would be more work ahead and he raged

That video was a waste of a video really. You could have done the same with a screenshot.

So, this zombie mod is just another left for dead?

I’d love to help, but it’d would be if I made a map, I made a map. If I didn’t, I didn’t. It wouldn’t be definate that I would finish a map. If you are willing to take a risk, I suggest looking at my current/first publicly shown project here: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1057416-The-Facepunch-quot-Map-Pimpage-WIP-quot-Thread-V12?p=28684155#post28684155

No offense but that background map is terrible. The textures seem poorly done, the models are low-poly and the corner (behind the lamp) has a misplaced decal.

Also, you might want to wait until your mod is actually somewhat functional before asking for mappers. What if the whole thing falls apart before a working beta?

I will contact you on steam, I think I have other services to offer than mapping. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have any more information on the regions besides what each region will be? For example, are there any landmarks that should be included, what type of environment is it (example; tropical island or a more rocky temperate island), and is there a rough layout we should stick by?

Will there be just one mapper for each map, or will there be teams working on each one?

A quick response to some questions since Salmon hasn’t been able to respond:

@IronPhoenix: According to Salmon, the steam on the coffee cup moves, and there’s flies, or something to that degree. Also, the mod is not “Another Left 4 Dead”, it’s going to be focused on realistic Post Zombie apocalypse survival, getting food and water, shelter, inventory management, with killing zombies thrown in the mix :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@MerzBro We’re currently working on the code to make this mod functional, and have the base code complete.

@DJ Reflex You can also Steam me: Duton1 for services other then mapping.

@Pelf As far as I know, this particular area is going to be a “Hick Town”, with a surrounding swamp, forest, beach, etc. Kinda like Oregon I suppose.

@Soap_N_Go It’s undecided, as far as I know it’s going to be one mapper for each map, maybe two for some of the more experienced ones.

I’ve not mapped in a while and i’d like to help, but I need to get inspiration to map again…

Also yes, it will be 1 mapper to a map. We’ve got Aspen working on the airport part, and I’ll take a map that nobody else seems to want to do.

Also, MrBunneh, that map looks good. But the last thing I want is mappers dropping out halfway through. If you need to take a break and work on another project for a while that’s fine, so long as you finish it in the end. However I am still willing to take you aboard. If you cannot finish for the life of you, then give me the VMF and I’ll get another mapper to do it.

Also I’d be happy to take you on to, Melon_Mapper.

Sorry for the late responses, I was down in Camp Pendleton for the weekend.

I would be glad if you would post a video depicting some gameplay or something.

Thanks Salmonmarine, I’d love to get back, especially into a mod like this, I just hope it’s as good as it sounds

I wish I could, but we have nothing to show off as of right now.

Another zombie modification. End of Thread /

(I know this sounds harsh but there is WAAAY to many zombie modifications. Think of something new and not generic and overdone.)

I’ve not seen any mods that are based on actual survival, like finding health/food/supplies, or even barricading yourself in from the zombies only running around and gunning like mad.

That’s true, we were worried about having this mod becoming too generic. There’s an inside joke in our dev team, that Left 4 Dead style gameplay is “ZPP”, short for “Zombies! Pew Pew!”.

Our goal is to avoid this, and add more thought and depth into it. Another concept that we had was that if there was an actual zombie outbreak, the survivors would try and avoid them and not charge straight into them.

So what I’m trying to say is that we are aware of all the zombie mods that there are, and are trying to breathe some new life into it with some fresh concepts.

Interactive apocalypse is like the perfect mod in my mind, thats one of the main reasons why I asked for a spot as a composer here. (Which I got.)

I agree… and I was ready to ask for a spot until I realized that this is nothing but a advertisement for a mod that has nothing to show.
Please, show at least something that’s about your mod (concept art,maps,music,etc.)