Zombie Apocalypse Wearing You Out?




Fucking A

Made me smile. Good work, bro. :buddy:

I wonder if the coca cola polar bear is a zombie?

Awesome job zerry :smiley:

“(but there was coke in it back then…)”

I like it. I feel like the charger could lead with his right should a bit more, though.

Haha, I actually didn’t see the ending coming.

Please continue.

Cola attracted Charger :smiley:

And he was so happy to find that Cola too…


Don’t use the stupid uppix. Please.

You can’t view my images, whopdifuckingdoo big deal. Like I give a shit about you.

All your pics are piss.

and you rate everyone dumb, because you cant view image…or something else?

Great comeback there.

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Best part is he keeps rating himself agree.

I spat my cola laughing.

love it

Guys, he is russian ( I Think )

No wondering why he is so ragefull, he is probaly just 7 years old and thinks the image is about porn.

what the fuck, are you serious? your logic is that because he’s russian, he’s seven years old and retarded?

you realise some of the best artists in this section are also russian, right? please go slam your head in a car door for a few hours, you need to knock some of that stupid out.

Owned him no doubt…

Nice pose by the way. I like everyone starting to get into comedic comics.

It’s hilarious but it seems more like a comic to me.