Zombie arena

My first map!

Fight an hordes of zombies!





In-game result:**


This is not yet finished.

I’ll need some help for the zombie move out from the spawn point automaticly (because they stay at the spawn point if they not yet see the player) and for items can respawn

If you have some coms or advices post here : )

I’ll upload when my map is ok

You should of waited till you did more on it.

Also you have too many nodes.

For a first map it’s certainly not bad, but the zombie theme is a little overused. Perhaps do something else? Anyways, try lighting it up more in some places.

I dunno what to say. It’s a dev textured room that you fight zombies in.


I suppose it fulfils its purpose.

Try making something with antlions, perhaps like an Antlion arena with two entrances, one for the player and one for antlions to come out of.

The dev texture is just temporary, i’ll remplace the roof by skybox and i’ll try to make a destroyed city 3d skybox (if i can)

Not bad idea… but the zombies will get them…

Or the antlions will get the zombies.

Make the antlions and zombies neutral towards each other using an ai_relationship and make the npc maker spawn zombies and antlions from a template.

I was meaning, eliminate zombies and use just antlions vs player in a gladiator arena.

Someone know how did i make the items respawnables?

Use a better translator.

If you’re asking how to make the items respawn, use a point_template with all the items you want to respawn, and use a trigger_timer or something to make them spawn when you want them to.



Ninja’d :argh:

Poor zombies…always with the shooting. Why can’t they just be left alone?

Because they attack me :saddowns:


Then everyone’s happy!

Woops I set them to neutral now they are just standing around.

Also I noticed something in the second to last picture.


Theses are ragdolls (they are not ragdolised in hammer)


I also give news

I added skybox , antlions spawnpoints, health chargers, respawning ammo and modified a bit my map




Video coming soon


I’ll include in the zip file an cfg file for increase a little more the ammo limit

You should have at least some nodes.

I hidden them for screenshots