ZOMBIE attack On Office(An First-person screenshot)



Is it me or there are NPCs on these screenshots ?

The terrible blur and vignetting makes it impossible to make anything out with detail - NOTHING HAS FOCUS. Work on that. Also, remember to raise your graphics and resolution for maximum size of the image.

well i’m trying to make F.E.A.R 2 styled screenies

They’re cool, but in the first pic you kind of overdid the blur on the headcrab



Seriously what’s up with the fisheye/extreme vignette thing?

I also notice the old engine impacts on the zombie. So it makes your picture even more shitty, you fucking pirate.

Those guys need to get better helmets/masks if they want to see clearly.

congrats on convincing me not to play fear 2

I think its supposed to be a gas mask type thing or something…

actually i won’t lie

i like this a LOT

great pictures, i love the intense feeling of combat… this would surely make me shit myself if this was a irl situtation man… bravo to you !!1