Zombie attack! or Zombieland whatever you wish to call it...

Thought this was thread worthy, mostly because this to me is my best edit! I have come so far in such a short time! :buddy:

anyway enough talking…

Original By: Uberslug.


My edit :dance:


The zombie’s arm blur is meh.
He is also vomiting blood.

Nice. I saw Zombieland on opening day. We need a Talahassee skin.

Is he…puking on the soldier?

The blood is a bit to brown-ish in spots.

so, you just added blood, a border, a video line overlay, smudged his hair, played around with the picture’s contrast and you call that “this far”? seriously, why didn’t you add extra details like shadows and stuff? still, what you did looks good but please edit a little more next time.

^ I did attempt to darken the folds of their clothing, its not much I know that but I am making progress, if you could see my early stuff its terrible, but I am still learning new things in GIMP.
Thanks for your comments guys! :buddy:

The hair is quite nice, although it looks a little bit too styled for a zombie.

You should of made it so it looked like the zombie was ripping his throat out.

Doesnt he have a face? Or does he have a mirror in his mask? Its just that the reflex is way too defined. Other then that its cool