zombie attack

dont bicth about the grapics card ok?


stair shot


outside the windo


The posing on the zombies look VERY VERY VERY stiff. Try make them look like, uh natural. Try pose them to real life references, it helps.


Nice try and good idea, but I do say, work on your zambie poses but yeah, Keep Practicing!

take a look at my other poses

I know they’re zombies but I think you took the whole lumbering, off-balance thing a bit too far.

Do what Resistance77 said and compare the posing to real life zombies. Wait, what?

here’s a note…dont use square maps unless you highly add props for detail ;[

Awful, just awful. Use the camera to take pictures next time.

Sorry, but i lolled because that Paged Memory Loss error. :smiley: