Zombie attacking Zoey in a dark Cellar

C&C please


The gun shoots blood.

Was my first time doing something with shooting.

Muzzleflash is too yellow and is barely giving off any light. Blood is just a smudge.

Thanks Chesty.

I better do some testing before I release another picture with shooting.

The zombie goes like “Let me help you up” and Zoey shoots him. Bitch:)

Blood is supposed to come after the bullet hits Comby. A bit dark to, but light on Zoey’s face works fine.

Thanks Rastifan.
I know the Zombie is a little awkward but good to hear I didnt fucked up the light completely.

wtf ftw !!
he (zombie) has a green face with strange red things in his face i think it is blood
but posing is very good you get 11 stars from 10

You could take empty space up with props. Posing on zombie’s legs is off, and the blood edit is not well.
Otherwise, awesome idea and other stuff.