Zombie Boss.

What if there was a huge zombie. It took a lot of people to kill because it had so much health and It’s similar to a crate drop but you kill it and while you kill it people come and can attack you and kill you so they can take the loot the zombie drops when it dies. and it walks around the world and any one who gets in contact with it gets killed. I know i know its World of warcraft all over but gotta admit it would be kinda cool. You would get a lot of loot and people wouldnt focus on killing new spawns all the time. While people kill it new spawns have a chance to get wood and ore and base.

“I also want a 100 foot giant that will come and smash your buildings up – forcing you to work together to take him down. But I’ll have to sneak that past Helk.” - Garry

Having a huge zombie boss in a PVP world would be interesting, everyone would help eachother killing it… then once it’s dead… everyone will kill eachother for the loot, that would be fun to watch XD

If this was adding into the game and everyone was trying it to kill it, i’d probably just kill everyone else and then run off with the loot while everyone is busy killing the giant zombie. Not to mention the lag it would probably cause for everyone. It’s a good idea but it’s not really much of deterrent for killing new spawns.