Zombie dies by Sword

C&C plz.


The posing is sort of awkward… Looks like the combine is leaning in for a kiss.

Edit: Combine zombie necrophilia porn :flashfap:

Posings a bit akward, as above said. And blood on sword looks like it’s decaled on.

Lol okay thx for comment.
Blood is decaled on cause i didnt got editing software.

Tell me whats so awkward at the pose.

Like the above said, it looks like hes going to lean in to kiss him.

Nice skin.

Thank you.

Well okay if you think the combine want to kiss the zombie.
Anybody else think it looks like that?

He sould be less haunched over, and his body could be more moved.

Where should I move his body?

Further back. I wouldn’t get that close to a zombie with a weapon like that.

Well okay maybe youre right.
They are too close together.

Abit like this

Aah yeah.
Know I know what you mean.
I agree with you in that point.

And the sword is…

The pose is good, although I think you could have had a better angle

sword of a 1000 turths and you gave it to a noob

Why the hell is a HL2 Combine stabbing a L4D Zombie with a Katana.

That’s not a sword that’s a Katana:v:.

Lol forget the picture its fucked up because of a little detail.

Katana… Meh.