Zombie Driver

C&C please

Because there are Zombies with Glowing eyes I give you artistic.

It could be really cool, but its way too dark

Black bars fuck yeah! :smug:

I like the angle and the posing on the zombies, blood on the zombie above of the taxi looks too solid tho.

i like how gritty it is

Black bars are awesome! And I’m not being sarcastic, hence why I use it in almost all of my screens.

Nice picture too, thought it could use a bit of a lighter color and not that heavy contrast.

Thanks for the comments guys i’ll use the advice for future pics.

I like it the editing is good

Is that game fun? I’ve been meaning to ‘purchase’ it. but I’m not too sure about it.
But great picture!:buddy:

First thing I thought…“GTA Mutha F@&$ER!”
Have an arty.

He should have his headlights on! He could hit a boomer in such darkness

I don’t have the game but it does seem like it would be fun.