Zombie Escape: Cant See Zombies?

In Garry’s Mod zombie escape, the old gamemode, everything works, except people cant see zombies, they are invisible. To me, I can visibly see them fine. My friends cant however.
the zombies are invisible to them.

they may be missing the models and for whatever reason the zombies aren’t replaced by errors

they aren’t “missing” the zombies, they would be errors like you said. Can the PointShop intefere with this? I actually have custom models you can equip on the server, so maybe that can be a solution, taking out models. Let me try that and get back to you.

Do you have FA:S installed? I found out there is a memory leak; when a lot of players join, within 30 minutes to an hour with 70 players, the ClientsideModels which aren’t properly managed, along with effects that I haven’t looked into will overflow… Models will start disappearing, weapons, doors, etc…

It may happen with Pointshop, but I haven’t looked into it, I haven’t heard any complaints so we may be able to assume it is ok and the issue is caused by a different addon.

Are there any console errors?