Zombie gamemode?

Anyone know any good zombie survival games where you can be just human and you know fight zombies and such? I was just wondering because I thought it would be fun for my server. I would like a gamemode with a lot of detail and depth such as one with a lot of various armaments. Thanks.

I don’t know of any released gamemodes that are like that. Closest public gamemode would probably be ReDead.

As for non-released, Resident Evil 2 gamemdoe would probably suit your needs, but its not released, so you can’t host it yourself yet.

Wrong section? Ideas and request!

No, was just wondering if there is one out right now that is like described above.

Zombie onslaught.

Humans vs npcs if human dies, human can become zambie and kill humans.

Well thanks, but after all I decided to go with a war build server, and with luck(although even without it) if my server takes off it’ll become an epic battle server. :stuck_out_tongue: But I have my doubts as stated, in any case it’s going to be fun. I’m even thinking of making a map for it, with like two places to build forts with trenches and beaches and things. It’ll be neat if I do so.

Isn’t that for Fretta only though?

A survival role playing game is in the works with an inventory for storing weapons and lootable zombies and stashes.

Resident Evil 2 is pretty good. Lootable, lots of RP like things. :smiley:

Give it some more time, I’m sure that pretty soon all the script-kiddies will be releasing the “Next best thing” in Zombie Survival. Shits his pants laughing.