zombie help

im trying to make a zombie survival on single player. i was wondering if anyone knew of a zombie mod that alloud me to freeze them or make them not attack untill im in position. I know about the no ai toggle but can it be toggled back to ai after the zombies are all put in there places. Also any good zombie spawns? i have 1 but it only does 2 after the original 2 are dead.

Um… un-check “Ignore Players”? (slightly confused)

but i want to spawn all my zombies around the map without them attacking me while i go back to my base then turn the zombies “on” so they go after me.

what about this dont you understand? explain to me so i can explain to you guys

or disable ai

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disable ai works unless you spawn an npc from entities

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I know some boss zombies that are so op that it will take the whole team to take down, i tested it against 2 hunters and it won, its called the Zombie hulk

You DO realize that this thread is a year old, right?

Goddamn people are morons.