Zombie Hgrunt

Lol i just was bored so made cool zombine replacement



Pretty nice. Hands look odd though, still nice.

You made the right move by putting it on Zombine anims.

I need that hexed.

This brings back memories of HL:OpFor :stuck_out_tongue:
Really nice man, altho I would love to see it with zombie hands.

I could give it a shot

Please do :smiley:

Well I got it working, the neck bone seems to be missing textures. I am installing EP2 to see what I can do


Ah shit, now I gotta install Ep1, sorry for the wait


Needs an open ribcage.
Otherwise it looks nice.

The original HECU Zombie was wearing a PCV, thus did not have a maw. It does not need a maw.

Looks like a maw to me.

Nice one. Thanks a lot.