Zombie horde in a tunnel


This image link was supposed to be on the far right of the screen… and then I realized everyone doesn’t have a 21 inch monitor… so it may show up in a really odd spot or right off the side of the forum if I indented it too far, was far to lazy to make something else.

Anyway, C&C appreciated… this is edited both in GIMP with my first try at isolation, and some in game color modding and sharpening.

Pretty nice work. Fire looks really good.

Fire looks amazing.
Now we just need Frank West to run them all over.

Camera Angle is kinda boring

Sorry, I will zoom into the awesome next time.

Zooming isnt the only way.
Get an interesting angle not just a boring front vision.

Sarcasm :wink:

Also, not many angles you can get from inside a tunnel. Above looked off… from the side looked like a blob of zombies and left a bad taste in my mouth. This was the one that I liked the most.


Dumb ratings make Wallet sad :frowning:

Nice pic, I like the fire.

Thanks, the dumb ratings hurt meh feelin’s.

It’s alright, I guess, nothing special.

I like it, actually.

Not too bad. Could use a better angle as already stated, and if it looks off try to change it by moving or placing new ragdolls, or maybe some props. But ‘tis aight’

Angle has some issues, but you’ll live.