Zombie hugz :3


I just got this idea while exploring maps in Gmod.

Compare them! http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/18705


Surprising butt sex?

Surprising zombie hug :3

Pretty good. Motion-blur is good.

Thanks. I felt like the PMCs needed some luv :3:

D’awwww <3
But the PMC doesnt seems too amused by the fact he is going to fall on his back from a window…

Zombies need to have collars with bells on them so we know when they’re gonna give us hugs.

I feel like there isnt enough hearts in this thread.

I was playing single player L4D today with no survivor bots and there was this hunter that didn’t pounce or claw me it just followed me around and jumped, it was so cute. :3:

'Daww :3:

Nice pose, great edit!

“Oh shit, there comes another one of those… umpfh …huggers!”
Nice pic

This is related to the intro of zombieland.

This would’ve been cool if his gun was firing

PMC’s face is priceless.

D’aww, thanks guys, for all the love. And for all the hearts :3:

x3 lol it was good not too dark either

Thanks =D

This is really nice…

This only shows zombies have feelings too… and they feel lonely…
with everyone shooting them…

Yeah, it’s not fair :saddowns:

Why would he dare shoot at such a delicate zombie who just wants to give out hugs?