"Zombie hunting" Rebels hunting for food


Another quickie :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, first pose with my new monitor! Oh joy! :smiley:

that’s alot of pixels.
The smoke looks flat.

That flare is HUGE.
And those too rebels are about to kiss!

Not your best Zeraxify :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wanted to try out my monitor really really fast :v:

The camera angle is pretty sexy in my opinion :smile:

Sorry, but the flare looks like shit.

What the hell is it with flares at the moment? Anyways, the smoke looks really 2D.

They look like they are about to kiss.

Looks like they are about to kiss

They are going to kiss even though they are twin brothers.

“Hey man, if… If those things get us, I just want to tell you–”
(Dude not holding the flare:)“Shaddup. I called no homo.”

it looks pretty bright in there why the need for a flare?

To attract zombies.