Zombie Hunting Weapons V3

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http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/6929/zhwicon.png (this is the link you cheeseball!!)

Be sure to get the Lua fix.

And, for those of you who for some reason need it, Scope Texture.

Or get it courtesy of File-Front
NOTE: Filefront is faster, but is not always as safe.

-Does nOT ReQUirE AnythINg-

This is the third edition of the ZOMBIE HUNTING WEAPONS PACK, a bundle of weapons to help you through the zombie appocolypse, what with the infection and headcrabs, this is a necessity!

What’s happened since V2?

-The weapons are more modern. Say goodbye to springfield, hello to Berrett 50 cal.

-Now uses Worhshipper’s Realistic Swep Base (sorry Teta)

-All worldmodels/holdtypes 100% fixed.

-All weapons 95% hexed (some sounds are affected)

-All scripts modded for use with GMod.

-And Much Much More

This pack includes the following weapons:

-Desert Eagle (dragon)
-Kalashnikov AK47
-Dragunov SVD
-Tactical SKIFF A3000 A1
-Tactical M3 Super90
-Tactical Colt M4A1
-Berrett M82
-Tactical MP5 (extended clip)
-Taurus .38 Pocket Revolver
-Mini Uzi


-Extract to garrysmod/garrysmod


Lua Base

Worldmodel Fixes, Lua AND some Scripting, along with the cool links in the thread!

Its awesome.

-For more credits read the credits :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t make much of this.


TRY TO USE ALL WEAPONS ON SEMI AUTO. All of these weapons come with little ammo, and are good at eating it up. Be smart. Be safe. KEEP SILENT! The M4A1 is great. USE THE CROWBAR! Its not in the pack, but it doesn’t run out of ammo.

Questions? Concerns? Requests? Post them here.


Lol, a whole lot has happened since v2… my account got banned (uploaded wiremod worst decision I’ve made in a long time), my old one got reuploaded. Please, rate my stuff.


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-NOTE- There was no posing in these pictures. THE HOLDTYPES WORK! REMEMBER, these are just some of the weapons. THERE ARE MORE!

I’d like to see more pictures before downloading this.

There’s some pictures on the download page, but I agree, some picture would be nice :slight_smile:

Looks nice. but please add a different link, gmod.org is as slow as hell.

I still remember, you said you were going to make a new blood spray! xD

HAHAHA ya… I’ll get a mirror up soon on filefront, and possibly megaupload.

Your avatar freaks me the fuck out man.

Also it’s a cool pack but like earlier please reupload to filefront… don’t bother with megaupload/rapidshare

lol, ok. By the way, is there any other way to show pictures without uploading them somewhere first? I don’t want to get a photobucket account just for that… If your skeptical, still, give this a try. You’ll find its nice, and if not, you can mouth off to me, and tell me what could be improved :slight_smile:

Nice set of models you have there.

Thanks, but i only made the worldmodels (notice they all work, no crotch guns!), and some scripting (m82, dragunov) Read the credits for more info :slight_smile:



Great and the weapons looks really cool, only saw a few in the link.

Just cause they’re models in a lua script doesn’t mean it’s not a good pack guys… remember Sawpack?

Bug report time!

I tested your weapon packs before go to bed, and I had some… problems:
AK-47 doesn’t work for me, I got a nice lua error

SWEP (weapon_zombie_base_rifle) is derived from non existant SWEP (weapon_real_base) - Expect errors!SWEP (weapon_zombie_base_rifle) is derived from non existant SWEP (weapon_real_base) - Expect errors!

Same for the uzi, here’s the lua error:

SWEP (weapon_zombie_base_rifle) is derived from non existant SWEP (weapon_real_base) - Expect errors!SWEP (weapon_zombie_base_rifle) is derived from non existant SWEP (weapon_real_base) - Expect errors!SWEP (weapon_zombie_base_rifle) is derived from non existant SWEP (weapon_real_base) - Expect errors!SWEP (weapon_zombie_base_rifle) is derived from non existant SWEP (weapon_real_base) - Expect errors!

Also, the benelly m3 and the colt m4 have crappy irons sight

Also, the USP .45 model is a little… crap…

Honnestly, I saw better from you, there’s some work to do :slight_smile:

Sorry, i’ll get a fix up very shortly :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

As for the colt and M4, the extra silencer code+shotgun code glitched up the other ones. I’m sorry. My initial intent was to have them both using ACOG scopes. Sorry.

This looks epic im dl’ing it now :3

Here’s the fix: http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=77026 drop in addons. Sorry, nothings perfect. IPPE’S SWEP PACK HAD A FIX!!! SHUT UP!! WHY DIDN’T I NOTICE IT? It’ll also work if you have Worshipper’s Realistic CSS weapons, as that’s the base i used (READ THE CREDITS)

Sorry about all the bugs, ever since my old account, sonofbrim got banned, i haven’t had one Front-Pager. I’m looking to change that here :slight_smile: LoL

(PS How do you like the filefront link? I made the picture and code based off of the one for garrysmod links)

Dang, for a while I thought these used the HEV hands.

Awesome models, you got my download.

By the way, why did you get banned? O_o


Also, a little suggestion about the Barret:

I think the Barret isn’t enough power full, you should up his damage, and low the fire rate a little bit.

My simple answer: Even admins can be minges. Its more powerful, and faster than the stand alone version. Sorry :), but its not big enough of a problem for a fix.

(PS i got banned for uploading an SVN dump back when i was a noob)


It comes with CSS hands, and does not require anything. LOL, have fun

Oh yeah… I agree… I have one in my server, I’d like to tell him GTFO, but he’s donating and sometimes giving me games, so, I keep him :slight_smile: