zombie in the woods

gordon and barney get attacked in the woods

oh yeah this is my first pic :slight_smile:

At least you didnt used Zombies NPCs like most first posers…
But you need to improve your posing mate… and ALOT.

For some reason they make me remember the zombies at Thriller…

what part of the pose where bad (eg, hands, feet etc)

everything, try basing the posing on real life postures.

Good for a first pose, needs some editing, and improve your posing.

Or, spawn a zombie keep ragdolls. Than type phys_timescale 0 freeze the zombie, then type phys_timescale 1 in the console. There a exact npc pose of the hl2 zombie!

o man i hope the ymake it!

one zombie doesnt have hands :frown:

wow uh
1 word : BAD
it looks like gordon’s ass is squirting blood!



Anyways, this is very bad, the posing is horrible, the graphics are also horrible, and you didn’t set it to jpeg_quality 100. And what the hell is up with that blood?

And oh, the angle is pretty bad too.

well at least he didn’t just pose in construct or plain flatgrass…he made a basic scene build.

Hey, for a first picture he atleast attempted to scene build. To a certain extent.

At least he didn’t use construct or NPCs, so it’s quite good for a first pose.

Lol @ zombie look like they are attempting thriller dance