Zombie John Marston

This is just an edit of a screenshot i took of John Marston.

I also made a second version, a bit darker.

Could of been much, much greater. Though I acknowledge the editing of his skin.

Yea I know, I just happened to make a pose like this and rhennibesited it on photoshop. I didn’t feel like reskinning and hexing him at that moment. Maybe I’ll edit the model and then make a new skin. I already was working on his model today.

The pose still is good!

For future reference:

None of the zombies are actually fully green. (Except for the spitting ones) Most of them are covered in dirt, pale or just bleeding from the mouth. (Newly infected)

And It’s good to see his normal outfit while zombified. I was a bit upset with the Zombie Marston thing. The idea was ‘okay’ but they didn’t give him the western jacket and hat that he NEEDED. They were just his thing!

yea i remember, just in photoshop it wasn’t making it that pale while working right. So i emphasized his greens :stuck_out_tongue: haha you rated this dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t convinced that was the actual model at first and because I didn’t see any RDR model threads either, but I really want this!!

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oh wait nevermind I should read more

I missed artistic. Here, have a Informative.

looks like he ate something bad

I’ve been working on a zombie skin/ hack of him lately. still got some stuff to do still, but this one will be better than just a photoshoped version. http://i.cubeupload.com/UGv6La.jpg

Now that’s an Amazing improvement! I’d actually like to get this skin for him now.

All you need now are dustier clothes, and perhaps a more… “Horror”-ish setting.

oh and by the way, he was wearing western stuff. it was just the elegant suit without the black overcoat. as you see, i made it like that in my skin.

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you’ll need to remove his nose first off

Yes I know this. It’s not that easy to do it and make it look good.