zombie land models+swep

ok what i would like are models of Tallahassee(the southern bad ass), Columbus(the scared nerd), Wichita (the con artist), little rock(the little girl) and all as ragdolls/npcs. The swep/weapon model should be that cool pistol like shotgun that Tallahassee has and a combat shotgun (you should know what it is if you play left 4 dead 2)
you can find a pic of each “survivor” form right to left here http://www.paramuspress.com/entertainment/2009/12/02/zombie-land-is-funny-gory/

Tallahassee holding his mini shotgun is here http://blog.newsok.com/nerdage/2009/10/02/zombieland-provides-rules-for-surviving-zombie-attack/

besides this should be pretty easy (the gun may be a bit harder) so in the least I would like these to be props and ragdolls

for the shotgun go here http://left4dead2.org/left-4-dead-2-weapons-guide
use Ctrl F and paste this text Combat Shotgun (SPAS)
That is just for those who haven’t played Left 4 Dead 2


If possible please send it to my email address dalton.yates@gmail.com

Needs more Bill Murray.

Sh** I forgot the awesome comedian so add him too if possible

heres him and Tallahassee http://www.flickr.com/photos/pimkie_fotos/4229302620/

-wrong thread D:-

what? this is models/skin requests, these are models and skins
wait are you that idiot who keeps saying crap to people?

You are being laughed at right now, go away.

what’s wrong with zombieland?

The fact that no one AT ALL will do ANY of this is funny.

Tallahassee had a Winchester repeater rifle not a shotgun.

OK is anyone smart enough to get this done.


Thanks I didn’t know that.

Plenty of people are SMART enough.

It’s because NO ONE AT ALL will do this because no one wants to.

Well then why can’t anyone do this if they really are smart enough?

they just don’t want to do it.

why so mean people

Because no one wants to. It’s a stupid idea (no offense), and most of the good modelers are lazy and won’t even consider doing this, and the fact you have the grammatical skills of a third-grader, the chances don’t get any higher. You can bump this thread all you want, but believe me:


Its not nice to call people unsmart becuase they have an opinion.
Calling us unsmart, when you doesnt have any of your facts right about the movie. Columbus isnt a scared nerd, he is paranoid and smart. Not just the older girl is a con artist. Both of the sisters are. Bill Murray is an actor, not an comedian. If you make a post wanting somthing like this. Get your facts right. Like the name of the guns, actors, and pictures arranged so we dont have to move away from the forum to find the correct info.