[Zombie Land] Pacific Playland !mappers!

Attention all mappers!
I am currently in the process of making a map based off of the place in Zombieland “Pacific Playland”.
It is dark themed…and I have made Theme Park booths already…
Ill get to the point, I need someone to work with. This is much to large of a project to work on alone, and i have no friends that can map good.
So I am calling out to all good mappers and the like to help me finish this much needed masterpiece!
I am on steam, Private message me if you want to help me and i will give you my Steam account name.


Mind giving us a screenshot of the stuff you’ve made already? Helps people decide whether it would be a good idea to work with you or not.

will do!
Give me a moment to get one together.

Here you go!

Mind you, this is in early development and it has been worked on only by me.
For the door, sorry i didnt remove it…I used it as a basis for the doors i made…

This is the result of about 3 hours work for me.
Basic yes…but It has some good aspects.

I think I’ll give this one a miss.

Is that a floor texture being used for a wall/roof? :barf:

Yeeaahh…no dice. Also, carve much?

What are the good aspects?

i think you neeed to work on this alot more beofre asking for someones help

As i stated earlier…
This is for 2-3 hours worth of work…dont expect it to look like a Theme park yet.
Thanks for being so nice about your comments guys…Ill be sure to Work on it more then…

An hours work.

Thanks for that. Though I may not be on your level of Creation. I have the potential to do wonders if I have someone to work along with…Though apparently that is asking too much.

You want somebody to do your work for you?

Yea. That sure sounds like what he is saying…

Negative. If you read me correctly I work better with someone than alone.

Which basically means that you’re a leach.

In no way shape or form did i intend for you to get that from what I said.
I do not like working alone.I worked on about 10 maps by myself…and Most of them didnt get completed because of lack of motivation and strenuous activities…If i have someone that i can work with then most of these problems are eliminated right away.
look im not really trying to argue with You all…All i wanted was someone to work with on my projects.I didnt want to sit here and try to negotiate with a bunch of prebubescent little kids…
Sorry for wasting time.

If you have friends, you could map with them instead, they would be less harsh than the anonymous internet.

I don’t think anybody will anonymously want to help you because frankly, you’re not that good. No offense.

Ok, I can see you have carved. NEVER do that. Especially in a screenshot that you are going to post somewhere, that automatically makes someone think you are a “bad mapper” (Doesn’t mean you are, but that is probebly how Facepunch feels…)

Also, you need to do alot more work, and possibly get some textures and models together before people will start jumping in to help.

Basically you’re telling us you lose interest in maps, this instantly tells us you’ll be difficult to work with and to motivate. You also show us very basic mapping pictures, not compiled. This tells us you aren’t professional or experienced with Hammer. These points mean that no other self respecting mapper will help you in fear of ending up having to redo all the work that you do along with any work he is doing because your’s is sub-par. This is why you’re getting negative comments.


There are a few mappers here who are already in college, if not high school.