Zombie Land Roleplay

Well you see i came up with an idea as you may know heres the idea below
Zombie Land Roleplay
A Map will be made for this horrifying zombie filled roleplay based on the movie zombie land using the left 4 dead sdk.This Gamemode is Based On Left 4 Dead it Will have Custom Content,and Left 4 Dead Content There will be realistic zombies from left 4 dead 2 custom player models you will have the option to spawn as a zombie, special zombies, humans which will be custom, The Actual survivors from left 4 dead and left 4 dead 2.There will be three teams Team Zombie, Team Human, Team Survivor, There Will be 5 Mini Games Scavenge,Survivial,Versus,Realism,Golf You Choose to be added to the mini games list by going to the place on the map that shows mini games hut. A paper Map which will be binded to n when you join you will be asked to make an account when you join username, password, Email, Age, and terms of agreement you have to will read Then you’ll Get To The Message of the day read it will have the information you need on that day updates new things etc.

so anyone like the idea as it is only an idea at the moment i don’t know lua yet so i can’t make it :frowning:

Edit:To let you know its suppost to be a Garry’s Mod Gamemode it will be a great mod and a good RPG Roleplaying Gamemode.
Gmod Communitys Webpage http://h-es-projects.co.cc and I’m looking for Team Members to work with for us on this we could use the help thanks is your a Sassilization dev we will give you this idea and maybe you guys can make this and host it on your servers thanks.

If you make this use these songs for the trailers
Teaser-Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
trailer #1-Empire State of Mind
trailer #2-Replay-iyaz

Sounds like a good idea, if it is made well then it will get ALOT of fans.

Sound’s good, you should look for some lua coders to get a team together.

It seems to me you just want someone to make you a Left 4 Dead mod.

If anything, it’s just a L4D map at an amusement park.

in my opinion , there shall be a gamemode called Zombieland and it will be a gignatic map and it will have vehicles and everything like zombieland movie , and youll just have to survive and not go to fight zombies on purpose , just when zombie approaches to you , you shall kill him . then you can find abandond weapon shops and everything and take weapons … this could be awesome… i wish they had a zombieland game cause the movie was soo epic xD

Dark Carnival

Dead Center (map two, the one with Whitaker’s)

So pretty much mash all of L4D2 together, remove the military, and call it a gamemode.

I plan on doing that and have been trying asking friends and even looking on Facepunch for great developers they all turned me down so anyways please find someone I’m tied of these regular Roleplay Gamemodes except Perp but there not that exciting.


That just seems like a map instead of a Gamemode.The Gamemode Will have your hud your money your inventory your Sweps, Vehicals, Stores the stores you own will be yours again after you join again just like it was when you left don’t worry there shall be plenty of places to sell your stuff there will be a place for you to buy your house a place you go to buy your car a place to spawn your car a burger king and alot of other nice things.


It’ll have more than fans it will be a community one huge community.


This will be great and you will have the best fun you’ve ever had on a RPG Roleplay Gamemode.


Its Not going to be a left 4 dead mod and its not going to have a amusement park.


This will not be a Left 4 dead mod

You really cannot build a roleplay around a comedy focused on a horror theme, it just won’t work, or to say the least, be popular enough for it to work.

Well i want it to work and be popular i just hate regular roleply gamemodes this onew will have action you may die on it by being eaten by a zombie then spawn as a zombie and attack players if they bother you and you die as zombie you spawn as a human again.

What happens if all the humans become zombies?

You run around roleplaying killing humans.

No humans to kill :pseudo:

sounds ok… but if you want you can build the gamemode off the resident evil gamemode and take some scripts.