Zombie Master Flashlight

Ok, New project i was asked about.

Its pretty much the flashlight model from zombie master, with a “Following” light, The light figets around with the idle animation and moves with the melee animations aswell.

If you have ever played doom 3, this is pretty much what it is like.

Gives you the Flashlight when you spawn.
Changed the Flashlight button with “Equip FlashLight” instead.
The light dims when you get closer to a wall.
The light follows the flashlight, with the idle and such.
Primary Attack melee’s
Secondary attack toggles the light on and off.

Fixed lua error when the light was made.
Fixed lua error when toggling the light.

Hopefully fixed it fucking up in Dedi servers.
Fixed decal marks on props.

Pictures are at the download



Download the Non Fuck Up Version:


Nice job Wizey!..
Wait, there’s a flashlight in Zombie master?, are you sure about that?, I don’t remember one and I played ZM yesterday.
Also, does this unbind the normal Flashlight? (“F”)

Why you have to be so awesome with these mods? I see that you work really hard. Nice job!

Looks nice!

Aww, fucked up my flashlight. :frowning:
EDIT: Fixed it. It’s cool, little buggy though.

It would be cool if you re-lua’ed the flashlight to have dynamic shadows.

Wow, this is awesome. Better than having people use flashlights with weapons and it’s not only not on their weapon, but it’s pointing in the wrong direction. Good job :slight_smile:


It’s not working for me, and disables the original flashlight. I don’t understand.


I found out what’s up. You don’t spawn with it on a dedicated server, and it doesn’t project light because it’s using the crowbar animations, and projecting light up in the air.


It makes the click sound twice in a dedicated server, as well. Damage is good. Maybe it could exert a downward force on anything it hits? That’d be very satisfying.

I dont do dedicated servers.

Should have said that beforehand.

Yeah sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe the projecting light has been fixed in her newest version (That’s out now), as I spoke to her about this and I believe it’s been fixed since.

Wizey, maybe you could add a console command so disable sounds for it? That’d be helpful.
Once again, you have dominated the release section

Fuck, this fucked up my flashlight again. Damnit, i have to try it once more.

I dont know why, but it seems to change where its emitted on diffrent maps…

Yeah, in some maps this works right and in some maps it doesn’t work right. I mean, that light is pointing in wrong direction sometimes. Could you make this as it’s own SWEP? It would be much easier to use.

It is a swep silly :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but like so that it doesn’t replace normal flashlight? Is it possible?

If I don’t want this to break the flashlight, couldn’t I just simply rebind zflash to another key?

ok this is pissing me off … i dont know how to bind the normal flashlight to the f key … im gonna look around to figure out how to do it i will edit this if i find it please help…
(ps. i removed the zmflashlight compleatly now i wana know how to restor it to the way it was)

oh hell, use the options menu!

I loved this in Zombie Master, they should’ve replaced the defualt flashlight with it completely.