Zombie Master forum down?

I noticed that the official forum for TTT (Zombie Master) is proclaiming to be down forever, effective August 5th. What happened that the forums have been shut down?

Its been down since august 2015, not this year.

Jesus christ am I slow then. What happened?

No idea honestly. bad king just shut them down all of sudden for no real good reason. Kinda sucks because it also had a pretty good TTT section with lots of info too

Maybe it’s just frazzle out him.

While this is bumped and zm is in the air just letting everyone know zm community member Mehis released Zombie Master: Reborn and is currently working on it, it lives on.

Is there a way to donate to this?? I miss zombie master it was basically my childhood game and would be willing to donate to the cause.

No idea, I’d try messaging him personally via steam group

Zombie Master has been dead for a long time now… It’ll be rare to see people playing it still. I’m sure development stopped years ago too.

The original one is dead, but this is a new one which is currently on active development.

Note that the zm forums themself are not down but simply locked, meaning if you have an account already it is possible to read everything posted there