Zombie Master [Refractionservers]


New from the front line of the exclusive new Garry’s Mod community, Refraction Servers, the newest innovation in Garry’s Mod communities bringing you Zombie Master!

This gamemode is still in it’s beta phase, work progressively continues.

The Refraction Team
[li]Chewgum - Owner / Lead Lua Coder
[/li][li]Kevin - Owner / Web Developer / Graphics
[/li][li]Pyromaniac - Owner / Lead Modeler / Flash Developer
[/li][li]t205gorillaz - Developer
[/li][li]GreyIBlackJay - Developer
[/li][li]Snapster - Developer / Mapper

We intend to keep this gamemode exclusive to our servers. This way not only can we create a fun environment for the people to play this game, we can also update actively.

How does Refraction work?
Well. When you join any Refraction server, you are immediately prompted to create an account. When you do so, you should create a user name you like ( you will be using it to access your account on the website ) and also remember your password, because when you go to http://refractionservers.com/ you will need to login to access EVERYTHING.

On our website we offer a lot of features for registered users, I’ll go ahead and list some features below.
[/li][li]Donations made simple, to keep our community striving!
[/li][li]Multi-player online gaming ( live multi-player flash games, and casino games )
[/li][li]Statistics for each and every user, shown on their very own fully customizable profile
[/li][li]Site customization, you love the color pink? Why not make it the color you always see when you visit!
[/li][li]Live chatting with other players
[/li][li]Easy to use settings and navigation
[/li][li]Post & User ratings
[/li][li]Active updates ( We will be working on adding new features to the game and the site everyday )

What is Zombie Master?
Zombie Master is a multi-player Half-Life 2 modification, re-written for Garry’s Mod after the Mod fell inactive. Centered around a zombie-apocalypse, which throws all but one player in the shoes of human survivors. Pitched against a relentless tide of rotting flesh, they must scavenge for weaponry and equipment just to stay alive. But that one player, chosen randomly at the beginning of the round, is not bound by mortal restraints.

To speak his name is to invite the wrath of hell - but most call him the ‘Zombie Master’. He is nigh omnipotent. His invisible hand controls the legions of undead like puppets on strings; slowly closing the net on the humans while they run to and fro like rats in a maze.

Why is Zombie Master different?
The common concept behind your average zombie horror game is, if you’ll excuse the pun, used to death. There are hundreds of games and modifications founded on this most simple idea; an undead zombie horde that spreads like a cancer, feasting on a few disorganized survivors who try and defend themselves. Zombie Master isn’t trying to break away from this core game play element, and neither does it try to “redefine the genre”, or fulfill any other fabricated promise. No, what Zombie Master tries to do is challenge the players.

Zombie games are, for the most part, incredibly brainless. You’re usually thrown against an army of rotting computer-controlled corpses, that have the simple task of walking towards a player and then attempting to bite their neck off. Most of the time they get shot a fair bit in the process. Of course, then you have the games on the other end of the scales, mostly multi-player, that allow players to take control of a zombie. The trouble is, the game play is either incredibly tedious and slow for the zombie, or the player zombie seems too intelligent, moving and fighting like a pro gamer rather than a mindless wretch.

Zombie Master is a unique multi-player modification in that it maintains the tense, frightening atmosphere of a zombie horror game whilst truly challenging the player to think tactically and never underestimate their enemy. It manages to do this because humans only have one enemy- not an army of computer controlled corpses, or group of experienced players- but one single foe. The Zombie Master. He controls everything; his power is absolute. He can create zombies at will; and he leads them. Orders them. Rules them. He can hide a minion in a place that no computer would think of; flank players in a maneuver that is least expected, and plan strategies that player zombies are too impatient to execute. He is omnipotent. He is god. He is the Zombie Master.

The Human Team
So, how do a group of rag-tag civilians, weak from exhaustion and ill-equipped for survival, go about defeating the player who holds the all-powerful title of “Zombie Master”? Well, it’s simple. They don’t. Depending on the scenario, humans will be forced to team up in order to tackle a variation of objectives- such as repairing a crashed van to escape with, gaining entry to a military bunker, or simply getting out of the area alive. The Zombie Master; being the general git that he (or she) is, will do everything possible to stop them.

It would be wise to keep in mind that humans usually survive longer against their callous foe if they make use of the environment around them. Tables, chairs and crates can all be stuffed in doorways and corridors to slow the undead advance (although “slow” is the best it will do, as the Zombie Master has many a trick up his sleeve / her bra). If, however, a more offensive strategy is needed- guns, sharp pointy things and objects that explode are generally effective if you feel like spilling some blood. Problems can arise, however, if the zombies manage to surround you- or your ammunition depletes faster than you’d have hoped!

The solution to all your unholy problems, thankfully, is teaming up. While a lone straggler will be devoured by zombies before you can say “holy shit a zombie is eating me”, a well organized cluster of humans, each looking out for the other and keeping one finger on the trigger, are more likely to smite most of the undead in their path and cause the Zombie Master to stomp up and down on his hat / her dainty parasol in anger. In fact, most of the objectives will be incredibly hard to do without some friends watching your back or helping you out.

The Zombie Master
At the beginning of each new round, a player is selected at random to become the Zombie Master. It’s a tough job, commanding a legion of unholy damned to crush any pathetic mortals that get in your way, but someone’s got to do it. As time goes on the Master constantly gathers a pool of “resources”, which he can use to animate more dead to join his cause. Killing a human player (preferably in a very gruesome and terrifying way) will bag the Zombie Master a substantial amount of bonus resources, which can prove essential for building those huge armies.

While human players would be forgiven for not stopping to inspect every shuffling horror they encounter, a keen eye might spot that the Zombie Master can actually summon a number of different zombie types to do his bidding. Other than the standard shambling corpses (the bare bones of your horde, slow but hard-hitting), there’s also rumors of faster units; running dead that can pounce on humans from a distance… and even hulking brutes that seem to have developed immortal strength. There have even been sightings of bizarre creatures that spit blood and command flames to disorientate the humans. Combining these various units allows for unique and efficient tactics. For instance; a skilled Zombie Master could attack with some expendable shambles to distract the humans, while secretly concealing heavy brutes within a small house. Once the trap is set, faster units could be ordered into the fray, forcing the humans to retreat for cover- right into your zombie-infested building.

If you think the fun stops there, however- you’re sorely mistaken. At certain points in a map there are environmental actions or events that the Zombie Master can ‘trigger’. These useful exploits, the so-called ‘manipulates’, can range from setting explosives alight, causing immediate danger for anyone nearby- to sending a bolt of deadly lighting down from the heavens. Whether manipulates are used as spooky scare-tactics or to actually deal damage, is all up to the Zombie Master. It’s essential to keep in mind, however, that these “manipulates” cost valuable resources to activate… and shouldn’t be used frivolously.


Human team:
[li]A wide range of weapons to scavenge such as shotguns, Molotov cocktails, rifles and more
[/li][li]A number of challenging objectives that encourage players to team up and work together
[/li][li]The ability to interact with the environment to build barricades and carry objects

Zombie Master:
[li]Real Time Strategy gameplay; create and command your own undead horde
[/li][li]A wide variation of zombie units encourages the ZM to adopt complex tactics
[/li][li]Environmental “manipulates” allow the ZM to interact with the world in devilish ways



Credit for the “About” statement and base goes to the original Zombie Master Sourcemod team.

If you want to better understand Refraction, check out our first news post on our site.

Menu/HUD design is not final, if you wonder why it looks like shit.

Also, we’re developing other types of gamemodes too.

Looks pretty radical broham

Interesting :slight_smile:

let us have the whole team comment before everyone else does, just to feel important.
(my alias is Pyromaniac :<)

Anywho i’m making a flaregun for the gamemode, i can’t wait till chewgum codes it.

I think this game can be successful because Zombie Master development died, which means we can not only pick up where they left off, we can apply new ideas and aspects to the game.

Oh hey, I’m still on the team, even after disappearing for about a year.

Tell me when a test is up, I’ll be there.

Testing is already going, hurry up and join chewgum’s laggy server.

Steam died so i decided to post the idea here. How about the zombie master having the ability to BE a zombie minion. So you take over him in a first person perspective. You could also still spawn and control hoards in that manner. Obviously you can kill humans and be killed by humans.

-fuck snip-

Oh, cause you noticed that we’re not advertising a server? Cause there is no server? Cause we’re developing it and want input?
So what exactly are we advertising?

lol nice, respect

I will be developing custom maps, Also taking map ideas.

I loved zombie master as a mod, I hope I love it just as much on Garry’s Mod.

we’ve been testing it all night, pretty fun. we just have to iron out some bugs and figure out what maps we should use. (a lot of them are broken or are just dumb)

Great looking gamemode. I’ve found a number of good looking modes today, hmm.

I’m a big fan of Zombie Master. A Gmod version would be great.

I take it you guys already have a Server for testing and such. If you don’t, feel free to contact me @ colonelblack on steam.
We’re currently hosting 5 servers.

We appreciate the offer, however we already have several servers. Once we open them we’re gonna announce it here.

My thoughts on your port :

First of all, why are you taking the ZM source code, and porting it to Garry’s Mod if you’re just going to horde it on your servers?

Next, you claim to have a modeler on your team, but while looking at your screenshots, I don’t see a single custom model. I see default zombie skins, default fast zombie skins, and Kleiner models. On the topic of visuals, why did you replace the scoreboard/trap menus with such an ugly interface? You seem to have taken out quite a few features that the ZM could use, such as the entire 3 tier menu system that usually sits at the bottom right of the screen, no explosions now? No nightvison? No grouping zombies? I also spy a little kill icon at the top-right, and a kill icon for each individual zombie kill will kill any form of immersion that you possibly create.

Also : If you release your changes as a patch/update/new mod, you should refrain from naming it “Zombie Master”. Instead, add a sub-title or change the name entirely. This is necessary to avoid confusion between different versions of the mod by different authors, including the original ZM version. No one benefits from a situation where there are fifty incompatible versions all called “Zombie Master 1.X.X”. A subtitle such as
“Zombie Master: Beachball Extreme 1.0” helps a lot.

This was taken from the readme, and I point it out because I noticed that your title is only called Zombie Master, which could confuse people seeing as another version of ZM that’s close to release is already in the making : http://www.zombiemaster.org/smf/index.php?topic=8927.0

We didn’t port shit what the fuck are you talking about? We coded the Zombie Master game in lua based on the entities on the map.

The game has the same objectives and functions as Zombie Master as based on each map.

We have a modeler but like the post says it’s still in beta, we didn’t take any screenshots with the custom content yet.

Again the scoreboard isn’t done, hense the “This gamemode is still in it’s beta phase, work progressively continues.”

We’re calling it Zombie Master, because it fucking is Zombie Master, in Garry’s Mod. A complete recode, the only thing that is the same, is the name, and the maps. It’s not a source mod, it’s a gamemode.

Nice try on that one though.

Now, the visuals haven’t really been worked on, that’s my next step.

And ‘to avoid confusion’, this is for garry’s mod, not a sourcemod. So I don’t see how people would get confused if we call the GAMEMODE, zombie master.

And as we said, we’re still working out the small things.

Why does it matter if we listed a modeler and there is no custom models.