Zombie Master stuff.

I Got bored of the low-res stuff in ZM and started making this, prepare for supa-large pictures.

Should i continue?

still looks low res to me, and bad bumping mapping.

I wanted to use 2048x2048 textures, but some people would get low FPS when playing, so i used 1024x1024 textures, as for the bumpmapping, what can i do to make it look better? Anyway, redoing textures and bump mapping, brb.

They look much better.

But change the eyes of the zombies.

Keep going and change the eye color to red for the zombies.
How was I late?

I think you should keep going

Mmk, but there’s a problem, when i change the color of the eyes, the texture becomes opaque, no matter what i do, i added $transparency 1, too. Didn’t work.

You mean the pupils are opaque? Are you exporting/importing a .TGA or other format with an alpha channel?

Nevermind, i fixed it, it was PSP8 issue.

Pretty nice.

What’s a PSP8 issue?

Please tell us

Paint Shop Pro 8, it’s the program i use for skinning, sadly it’s VTF plugin has a lot of bugs.

The bumping is too extreme. It looks like their clothes are made of concrete.

Yeah, im working on the bumpmaps now.

Fix’d the bumpmaps, their clothes aren’t made of concrete now.

Why is GMAN wearing lipstick?

:lol: I Didn’t notice that.

Use VTFEdit then, i’ve never had any problems with it ^^

Don’t worry, i already fixed it. :v:

very good, can you make them with higher res textures so we have one with low res and one with high res.