Zombie MMO for Garry's Mod

Hello fellow Garry’s mod lovers,

I’m designing the layout for a zombie MMO that I’ve been throwing around for a time. By no means am I a hands deep designer just an ideologist that has aspirations above and beyond.

To begin, I originally put my efforts into the concepts of a massive scaled war in comparison to planet side. Instead my focus was pure teamplay rather than a single player dominating the board with score. I had developed this general slogan, “Not one player can be better than another by the duration of time spent playing and leveling up in the game alone, although hand and mouse and keyboard may incur them to prevail; two players working together will always be better than that lone player.”

In time I had debated this game. From utilizing every aspect of war, including transports, artillery, engineers, resource gatherers, construction vehicles, tanks, grunts, air gunships, air transports, air scouts… ect… you can work on your vehicle, weapons, armor, utilities, gear to upgrade and allow further implementation to assist your squad. Doing this would not make you powerful alone. You need another player or squad to fully reach the potential of any gear or vehicle you have, everything has a high weakness alone. BALANCE IS KEY.

Meanwhile totally abandoning the war aspect but not the concept of team play; I had went to the movie theater and saw the amazing “ZOMBIE LAND.” Although not truly as hardcore as dawn of the dead, land of the dead, or quarantine I had an ultimate vision. Implement every aspect of a post apocalyptic zombie infested movie on a large scale map like the USA (scaled down a few times for arcade purposes). From salvaging, to guns, meds, food, shelter, and oh yes, trucks with trailers and cars. Also you’ll be able to customize your character with the clothes you find and little trinkets you MAKE as well as deck your favorite vehicle out with armor plating you find laying around (affecting total weight and speed) and camouflage. Make the pinto pull your rescue trailer!

The main idea of this game is that you alone cannot survive against the hordes of zombies gathered around supplies in your local super market and hardware/gun store! You’ll need guns to protect or kill zombies or even raiders (other players can be raiders) that are trying to overtake you or your shelter and you’ll need food to keep going or else you’ll die. You alone cannot fix that cadillac escalade that sits perfectly unscratched in the middle of the highway. You cannot do everything alone, you need the support of your fellow survivors. The one with engine skills can help you repair that escalade, and that one with soldier traits can help you get through that horde of zombies for they will need you as your an asset in ____ (pick a class for the blank line).

This game will be very realistic in terms of speed and vulnerability. Humans are not invincible. Humans are social creatures that require the help of each other. Fast pace gamers will be turned off by this concept but those who seek a game that grows will enjoy this.

Now why am I posting this in a Garry’s Mod forum you ask? BECAUSE GARRY’S MOD CAN DO THIS! The gigantic maps, the ability to weld, the drivable vehicles, the improvability! The HL2 Engine made zombies the way they should be.

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you.
If you are interested in this contact me and I can invite you to a conference brainstorm sketch I’ve been assimilating with another contributor.

This doesn’t seem like something that Garry’s mod could do well. MMO =/= Garry’s mod.

JetBoom is making a large RP map involving the Micro Engine (allows the creation of large maps). Ask him for help.

Thank you very much CMasta! I really appreciate the reference.

I like the idea except for the fact that it’s completely impossible to do it on modern hardware.


Garry’s Mod struggles with 10 people to a server building stuff. You want like 60 people running around in cars? Yeah not happening. The HL2 engine supports maps that are about half a mile in each direction. There is no engine that can do what you are asking.

Actually there is a few.

The Source maps are pretty tiny compared to some engines. I don’t know where you got ‘huge maps’ from.

I actually got it from the garry’s mod
front page featured mods

This can be Done.
And i love the Idea, and i think a Zombieland Based gamemode would be Fucking Awesome,
If you need help point me where i can sign up.

Seems more like a:

herp derp i make ideas and get the credit.

Kind of mod…

Actually I really don’t want any credit at all. I’d rather enjoy this
amazing game madE right than get credit for something that sucks

I believe there is a way to create “rendering dimensions” and such in Lua, meaning the normal source map size restriction won’t really matter. I don’t know the details of it, but I’ve heard about something like that.

Well, is this Happening?

Jet boom said it would be horrible to make this on thE HL2 engine but I think with some out of the box enginuity it can be done. We just need the people that are up to the task

If I could rate agree with you more, I would. Simply put, I have this same idea, but it’s been around for going on 4 years. I posted about my idea on another forum completely (http://www.allthingszombie.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20630) but it coincides with your idea almost to a T. Of course, what’s detailed there can’t be done really in Gmod (character customization like I am envisioning) but something where I can come in, talk a bit with the players and set out to retrieve X amount of Y resources for WHATEVER contraption we might need to help us survive. I could literally rant for days on this subject. I’ve even made a modification to Dungeons and Dragons that incorporates this to play with friends! I’m flipping desperate for a Zombie Apocalypse to be the focal point of a game/mod!

P.S. Point me in the direction of the R&D section of this mod and I’ll spew until you tell me to stop, or we’re finished :stuck_out_tongue:

I really, Really REALLY want to see this, I could map for ya if needed :wink: