Zombie Mod

Zombie Mod
Brought you by Havoc Gamers.

Started of as a small project, which I started coding and later left in my uncompleted gamemodes folder. Couple days ago I began to think that most zombie mods in garry’s mod aren’t all that fun to play on.

What is it?
Basically, you’re a survivor in the first wave zomboclypse. You start with a random weapons and can pick up some more as you go. You’ll be given about 15 second head start, before someone randomly spawns as a zombie. The goal is to survive, as long as you can hold them back the more you can gain.

One can become a zombie if he or she has become in contact with a zombie. The zombie has to claw or attack the survivor for the infection to start. Within a couples seconds/minutes the player will become a zombie. He or she will then automatic become very thirsty for blood and hungry for brains.

A play can prevent from becoming a zombie by using pills. Pills like in left for dead heal and prevent infection from spreading farther into the player body. Pills will not work on zombies. Props will be available to players. Small props will be listed in a menu. Sorta a twist since we don’t see many zombie game modes like css zombie mod. Vips and Administrator will be able to spawn 10.

After 5-7 minutes the humans will have survived the round.

None yet expect some very soon. Like later today.


Sounds A lot like something else out there now…

This doesn’t sound much different than Zombie Survival.

I want to go for a Counter Strike Source type feel. I know that sounds bad but it will work out.