zombie multiplayer games

there are very few zombie game modes in Gmod multiplayer and even less which are fun the only one i play is the “zombie survival”
does any one else feel this way or am i too picky?

There’s only so much you can do with zombies.

i meant more in the way of gameplay not what the zombies can do.

I agree, I’m making a map that’s more about fortification and free-roam and I think that a good few servers neglect the old physics barricading fun of zs.

agreed, nowadays zombie gamemodes are very hard, and very unfair for zombies

Yeah classic zombie survival was amazing. The was only one map that had a barricade back in (I think) 2008 or 09. Pushing thing and trying to block a door with so many limited ways was fun and gave a rush. Then seeing how it held up.

I’ve only just gone back into multiplayer and zs has been butchered and lost its magic.

Oh, yeah. I loved how physics came into play in the maps and it was all about team-work to push a door down.

Zombie Survival 09 and 08 was the shit. Those server’s were the reason why I bought gmod at the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont want to sound like an advertising ass, but i’m working on a Zombie Survival edit that features classes and leveling to give more of a replay value. Wait for it and i’m sure you’ll enjoy it.