Zombie NPC Damage

Okay, for some reason on my ZombieRP server Zombies do NO damage to players.

Fast zombies, and zombies do no damage.

Headcrabs do though. So weird.

No help?

Are they NPC Zombies?

I think you need to find skill.cfg in your cfg files, then find zombies and fast zombies in the cfg

the text will look like this

// Zombie
sk_zombie_health “50”
sk_zombie_dmg_one_slash “10”
sk_zombie_dmg_both_slash “25”

then, look to see if the values of “sk_zombie_dmg_one_slash” or “sk_zombie_dmg_both_slash” are changed to 0 instead of 10 and 25.

Piggy beat me to it.
You can also check the values via console ingame by typing the command in the console

Fixed! If you have assmod remove the noplayercollisions in plugins…

Or just remove noplayercollisions.