Zombie Outbreak Gamemode?

Well, yesterday I was playing on a pretty cool zombie survival server ( with the gamemode “Zombie Outbreak”.
The server would only allow Npc zombies to spawn for the first 2 or 3 waves, then if you died after that you became a zombie.

Are there any releases of this gamemode?
Are there any similar versions of this gamemode available?


ReDead (currently working but still being updated), ToxSin (servers down until gmod 13 is official, is basically an upgraded version of redead featuring saved profiles, mission system etc.), Vein (upcoming gamemode for gmod 13, encourages melee battle and smart playing. )

ReDead and ToxSin, like hydral1k said. However, Vein is more roleplay and probably not what you’re looking for.

Thank you, I was expecting to get the shit trolled out of me. But you guys delivered :smiley:

BUMP BUMP BUMP, Was not sure if i should make a new thread or bump a 4year old thread i found.

But yeah i am looking for what this guy was looking for and redead and toxsin is not it!
I am looking for zombieoutbreak

GM.Name = “Zombie Outbreak”
GM.Version = 120
GM.FolderName = “zombieoutbreak”

Any help would be appreciated

DeathLegends had a modified ZS server, called their server as “Zombie Outbreak” before.

This was a Zombie Bots vs Human players with a level up system gamemode and basically, this also had to do with stuff that the OP said.

Search the community on the internet. I am pretty sure, they’re still hosting their server.

We are indeed still hosting a ZO server. You can find it under zombie outbreak in the server listing or PM me for the IP (don’t like to blantly advertise).

I don’t want to play on there server, I am looking for the gamemode itself, not servers running the gamemode.

sounds like somebody got banned and wants to make their own server with blackjack and hookers

Good luck finding the gamemode then. This and the only community will never release their 3-4 years “worked on” gamemode.

How could i get banned if i have never played on the server? Dude you assume too much, I needed the gamemode because a few friends and I make mod’s and maps. We are going to make a few changes to the gamemode itself and make it a lot more fun to play.

P.S: I have found the gamemode and we have started working on it already, Thanks for your help guys.

First of all, he was joking.
Now, since you found it, do you mind sharing it on this thread so no one else has to make threads to find it?