Zombie Panic Source Claws

MrHeadHopper Requested some zombie weapons, so i gave this a shot, worked out GREAT, i hope you enjoy it.


“Pictures At Download”

you’re nice :slight_smile:

Viewmodel fail for me, I just see an error.

On that note, on the other thread you said you couldn’t use a custom hitmodel, yet if I hit a model and i’m not right up close to it, I see both the default and the manhack hitmodel o.o

Yeah, its kinda strange, i reuploaded the claws into a diffrent pack, it has models now.

i cant see viewmodels :frowning:


could you make a mirror,garrysmod.org is not downloading for me

To fix the viewmodels you need to open up the models folder, make a new folder inside called ‘weapons’ and place all the v_swipe files inside the weapons folder

Actually no… because the models itself, are read in just the models wich is very strange, unless i changed it “Woops =3”

this looks awesome! i dl now!

Zoey>AHEM> i mean Wizey?
I didnt know you where on Facepunch Postin Threads…
Now i do:3

god damn it kelly!

Good Luck with your downloads


does anyone have a v_model solution yet? a proper one?

^Same Question As Above

Approves of this fix

thx it works now