Zombie Panic Source Sweps


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If a mod sees THIS! thread please remove it, cheers ^^

Could U get any bettar?


Zoey=Goddes of modding

Nice job! I would download, but I need to load fast because I’m making some sweps right now.


Wow, when Zombie told me this, i was like: meh, just a port.

This is something else.



She probably can.

Sweet, great job
Also i think we have a spy sapping this topic… (looks at powerchu)

Stop collaborating with each other, Zom and Dev! :OOOOO!

Err… what?

Awesome sweps, I love them, but I must ask.

Are you planning to do anything about the world models?

There is no glock 19, its a glock 17, super shotgun is called super shorty. Otherwise its good.

Rather have good SWeps without world models than fail SWeps with world models. And world models would stick out of your stomach if you don’t do it right.

I dont asociate “what?” wierdo names with guns, i just change it from the looks, Also the glocks are truley a Glock-19 and a Glock-18C due to the fact i have seen these in my life span of 17 years wich will sone be 18 in like 5 off months :stuck_out_tongue:

But considering they already come from another source game, wouldn’t they already be rigged properly?

Im not sure, But be assured, another update is coming soon… and its pretty big, it took me 5 whole hours :open_mouth: GASP!!! X3

Nope, they wouldn’t be already rigged.



Nice update! DLing now.

Now, how about them world models? Anything to say about that?

Havnt tested yet, but… It kinda took me the whole of yesterday to come up with the idea of the update. and it took me some time to go around gm_atomic, right now im going to add these entitys to gm_construct and flatgrass. But be assured im going to change the world models right now and try them out.


Your damn right, the world models do work. I will update this right now with the gm_construct and flatgrass entity spawn.