zombie pics by me!... PLZ rate

this is my first screen shot with posing.n.shit

C:\Documents and Settings\dodo\Mijn documenten\Mijn afbeeldingen/last chance.bmp

Have a box, everything you need is in it.

Err no picture.

You can’t link to your own pc. You must upload the picture to a host site and then post the link.

accualy i dont know how to
:frowning: im a noob :frowning:

Upload it here
then post the link.

ok thx



Lol looking at the path you’re Dutch.
Also, upload it.

what path?

Lol NPCs.
Neva eva use NPCs.
Posing is bad(Look up some posing guides).
I spy with my little eye blood spam.
And you should improve your graphics.


This doesnt improve your picture

this is the first time i do this shit if u a only gooing to whine about it just leave
if u have something usefull to say
like hints or tips
and whats wrong with blood?!



The blood is unrealistic cause if he lost that much blood he would have been dead.
Its okay if thats your first time posting a picture of yours.
Why posting this Gif?
Why did you start swearing at me?
I just gave you some hints on how to improve your picture.

srry about that im just a lttl irritated
but i though u ment it in an other way
:frowning: srry

i posted the gif to annoy people
its funny in a few ways

Crack up the graphic of what your gfx card can handle. Don’t mind if it goes slow. Doesn’t matter for screenshots. Take a look at this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-pDYKiE91E for ragdoll posing. Useful hints and tips to learn.

Don’t use NPC models for posing. There is no posing control with them. It’s much more fun with ragdolls.

thx (getting on F.P is really paying off)

It wont do for a long time. Trust me…

i made this 1 after the tips how about this?


Cant see it :o

Pretty bad, you didn’t turn up graphics, nor the jpeg_quality. You used NPCs, which usually means that it’s bad. In this case, it does. No fingerposing on the little posing you did.

Overall a shitty job 1/5