Zombie Plague

The premise: A zombie addon that would realistically model zombie outbreaks and/or be used in gamemodes for added realism.

How it should be done: Any zombie and/or headcrab can infect a humanoid NPC.

  1. When a zombie kills an NPC, its ragdoll is left lying on the floor for an X amount of time (controlled by a slider). This represents its “sleep time”. The ragdoll should be tinted a color to confirm that it is an infected NPC, awaiting to be awaken.

  2. After its “sleep time” the ragdoll gets cleaned up, and a zombie comes out of the ground in its place. The zombie should be the type that infected it. A fast zombie should give birth to a fast zombie etc.

  3. The zombies should have sliders for their health (if you want to make strong/weak zombies).

  4. The plague should be toggle-able.

  5. There should be a reset button that sets all zombies on fire and destroys them all.

Hmm…There was something like this back then…but it broke due to the HUGE update gmod went through.It was called zombie plague, and it is still on garrysmod.org if you want to see if it can work :confused:


It doesn’t work. Thats why we need another.

Yeah…zombie virus doesn’t work right. I like uberjaypee’s idea about the toggling thing. Because the zombie virus lags and you can’t undo the zombies that have been infected.

Its just LUA coding, no need for models or animations or anything.